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I was seeing my partner off at front door last night and the sky was black i looked straight ahead and a huge sheet of lightening came down then a very faint rumble of thunder and few mins later it happenend again, oh great i thought all excited as i love a good thunder storm i have never been frightened of themas my mum made it a fun thing to watch when we were little and i did the same with my girls and my daughter does the same with my grandson and they like thmem too

but alas it came to nothing i laid there hours but nothing still never came but never mind i am hoping today will be nice but they forcast heavy bursts of rain but we may be able to sit out for a bit fingers crossed

hope you all have an easy sunday love diddle xxxxxxx

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Good morning Diddle,

I hope you are well and the sun is shining where you are and that it keeps shining as a little sun cheers us all up. I also love a really good thunder storm with lots of lightning especially when it is dark and you can see the full force of the lightning. My mum is terrified of it though as she saw her cousin struck by lightning in a field and he later died,but my dad always made it fun for me and my sister as i have with my own children.

Take care and enjoy the rest of relaxing Sunday.

Gentle Hugs

Bonnie Lass


I love a good storm. I remember as a child swimming in the sea at our local beach during. Huge storm, it was amazing as thsea and the raindrop were so warm and te breeze was the same and the air felt literally electric. Another time when we lived very close to the bay, we could see a storm out at sea amazing site,watching the lightening across the sea,at sunset,the lightening made the sea look pink. I have always madeapoin of making it exitingfor my kids and grandkids so that they would never be scared.hope you both have a good day. Xx


A very good morning Diddle, bonnylass &debs,

Aww Diddle lol bet you was gutted waiting around and counting for next lot

To come.

Atleast it should of been peaceful to sleep instead, maybe him upstairs

Was just having a sneeze?!? Lol he may have sniffed some pepper.

I like how you lot have fun with it though, unfortunately for me i have always hated it been petrified! I have once whilst away on holiday (a red hot day my car roof down) all of sudden rain started then almighty thunder, lightening the wrks, so bad could barely see through screen driving that it made me shake so bad and cry and was so bad i could not continue driving! Luckily we had brother in law , he had to take over my car . We laughed as i felt pathetic (never happend to me that bad before lol)

I refuse to drive in it or i sing loudly and put music full volume too.

As i grew up my mum built dens under table and turned everything off and shut curtsins, saying if it struck could be harmful as she was struck by it (so she says) hmmm

I say to my kids its harmless in some ways and that in a car is safest, although i shut my curtains lol. I am not so bad since beta blockers as 160mg so maybe physcological or its because it relaxes muscles etc which makes less tense.

Anyway thats my view and it. We tell daughter to count them and my hubby will

Stand at front door, so my kids lucky really that i not carried on that fear to an extent.

It is trying to be sunny here in Leeds! I been down for pills, let dogs out and come back to bed, well tiz sunday ladies haha

Xxxxxxxxxx fluffy hugs to you all . Sunday chats ??? Stories past times, fun times .

What are you all doing today


How funny to have read that then, I heard a low rumble of thunder as I was reading it!

my Nan always made me hide, she was so terrified, she unplugged everything and covered mirrors, closed curtains and made me hide behind the sofa!

I tried to reassure her but no go!

my brothers and I ( I have 4) used to escape the house and go out and play in them! oh to be young! best wishes Cazx


i dont like storms Diddle i think it stems from wen i was little my mammar was so frightened of them she used to sit under the stairs in her pantry bless her ,i can laugh about it now but it wasnt nice at the time coz if ever i was with her wen a storm broke i also was terrified lol xxxx


afternoon diddle was no rumbles here i love to watch the sky light up xx


Hi Diddle, we got it here in not-so-sunny Southend mid afternoon, humongous quantities of very heavy rain which then turned to hailstones. Hailstones - in July!!!!


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