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Does anyone else feels confused in big places, like Shopping's?


Hi every one, sometimes when I go to a big a space like supermarket or shopping, so in a big building with more people there (it doesn't happen in a open space, like a street market) I start to feel confused, sick, my head goes around, sometimes I need to take my husband arm to feel safe. did this happen to any of you? What could it be?

Thank you, take care.

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Hi honey, i do get anxious at times and hate shopping as i don't do well with crowds. Do you suffer from anxiety? are you clostraphobic it could be a mixture. Sorry i'm not much help and i hope you get relief soon xxx


Hello Paula, thank you for your question, it's a very good one! With Fibromyalgia we can experience what is referred to as Sensory Overload, this means that we cannot cope with too many stimuli for example supermarkets or shopping malls.

For more info, please click on the link which will take you to our main site at FibroAction, where it explains more about Fibro symptoms -

I hope you find this helpful.

Best wishes and hugs. xx


Hi, the question you raised is so familiar to me , if its a place I don't normally go I do feel overwhelmed , also feel dizzy and the lighting can effect me. I actually get tired very quickly and start looking for somewhere I can sit and calm right down . One tip I've found is to sip water and try to focus on what I went for . I try not to overload myself with too many thoughts whist I am out. I used to find it awful at Christmas time. I now just go and try enjoy it and don't rush . It's still a nightmare , lol x

angelwitch in reply to jjojay

OMG Huni, you took the words out of my mouth.. I was once what my X-husband call me A Chatty Kathy-Social Butterfly, it would take me forever to do a shop, always chatting to people I bumped into. Now most of my shopping is done on-line, and I don't do shopping centres or Malls, I feel hemmed in like I can't get out, or just as you said, sit down and just talk to anyone..

Christmas is the major nightmare I used to love the thrill and shopping for all my family, round and round id go, sorting and organizing every-thing, now sat in a chair on a laptop..

Oh well rant over for today, onwards and upwards, think positive..

Tesco or Asda on line for the shopping this week!! LOL Xx

You go because its often a necessity, but i avoid any shops like the plague if I can.

Thank goodness for great couriers and the internet xx

Thank you for your help, once again I'm not alone, sorry if I sound selfish, but I feel some relief when I found there are more people like me, facing the same kind of "crazy" things.

Thank you once again, all the best to all of you.

Agree with all of the above although some days I can be fine but other days I just have to get away as soon as I can as I feel totally out of my depth and everything seems big, loud and fuzzy all at the same time - it is good to know others feel this too...... fibro has to much to answer for - ;0(

I also have similar problems when I go to shopping centres or supermarkets but it mostly happens when it is busy. I get nervous, hot, dizzy, feel like I am going to pass out and need to get out after hanging onto my partner for a while. I find if I have to go to those places I do much better if I go first thing in the morning or late night when it is quiet unless they have all the refill cages out which makes it seem busy!

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