Morning all :) Does my bum look big in this?

Morning all :) Does my bum look big in this?

HA! this looks like an archived picture of myself, foggy and pip sporting the new uniforms required for breaking funnies at people LOLOLOL

Oh! I do hope my bum don't look big in this out don't lose your hat!

Saw this and laughed at its potential for captions.........what caption would you give this pic?

Answers on a postcard...................... heheheheheh! :D

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  • 2nd Girl: OMG it's a cat and my hat is woollen. I must hold on to it no matter what.

    3rd Girl: Eugh..! I've just stood in something :(

    1st Girl: Well done princess.., well done... Mwa ha ha ha haaaaaa..!

    Pip xx

  • hahahahahahahah! I hadn't spotted the cat Oh dear! think I need the joke nurse to stitch my sides :D ;) :D

  • 1st girl is me.........hoorah ........cuddling a cat.......hoorah :D :D

    What you two are up to I'm not sure, but no, your bottom doesn't look big, just wonder what pip's doing with her hat......maybe she's hiding something under it ??? you never know with her :D :D

  • maybe, just maybe its marmalade sandwiches :-p

  • Nah, it will be something more sinister than that and also I know she'd hate to get anything sticky in her hair........ she's up to no good ........

  • It's an Alsatian ;) xx

  • wow!

  • It's a plastic one ;) xx

  • heheheh! that figures, scuse the pun LOL

  • Are they being stung by bees or chased by bears they certainly need some of your magic zeb to make them laugh!

    xxgins Morning you lovely lot

  • morning Gins :) how are you this morning? hope you are well rested :)

  • Hiya Lovely Zeb are you well :P

  • alls well in chuckleville I think :D

    I'll be tramasnoozing at some point due to being up all night, just up being awake LOL

  • I will too honey it is what happens xx

  • Morning gins, it's chaos here already, how you doing?

    Foggy x

  • Mornin Foggy how are you today :p

  • chaos is as chaos does who said that some silly b.........r

  • Hehehe you're so right gins so right :-) :-)

  • My stupid neck has just gone into spasm......great, am off to drs anyway in a mo.....hoorah... :-(

  • I get that on the right side and it feels like someone's plucking a guitar string.......yeurgh! hope it spasms out quickly xx

  • Who forgot to pick up the picnic hamper? as the three girls look to say that wasn't me!

    1st girl - but I brought the nice pussy cat.... easily feed 3 :-o

    2nd girl - no that'd be deperation and no its not under my hat

    3rd girl - who care's lets just party!

    :D ;) ;) ;) :D

  • I suppose it'll make a change from horse! xx

  • Zeb you were early this mornin hun are you ok? xxgins Or are you on fluffie business again they do pop up a lot dont they? :D :) :) :P

  • Morning gins :D

    I had a lovely 5 hour block of sleep and urm well............... fluffies, gins they are useful, aren't they? You have to watch out because foggy is often up to mischief with those evil cats!!!! hehehe

    xxx :) :-o :-p :D


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