Fairground rides, gold plated knickers and everything else!

Just reading through our blogs on here including the fairground one and others and enjoying making threats to VG if she tries to take my Mr Grey (jeremy kyle) away from me and it occured to me, imagine if some poor soul, just diagnosed and confused happens upon these blogs! They would think we are all totally stark raving mad! Actually, we probably are and thats why its such good fun! xx

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  • I tried being sane with fibro and decided it just wasn't for me ... Insanity with a good dollop of laughter is much easier for me,

    PS I have stuck you to your chair at the hook a duck stall with extra sticky candy floss and Jeremy and I are hiding in the hall of mirrors


  • I agree with VG through and through(she told me to say that). But she is right. it is something we are stuck with, it will never go away so why let it makes us totally miserable. You have to laugh ir you would cry. And yes I bet some newer members have thought it was a site for loonys that they had happened across ;-)

  • Thanks ozzygirl, ( slips her the £20 and key to the admins dressing room) :)

  • Nothing wrong with a bit of bribery VG, when ozzygirl said that you told her to say those things it did occur to me that you had been indulging in a bit of fin slapping ! xx

  • Lol im one of those newbies. My first thought was......IM HOME!!!!!!! lol

  • Hi peeps just to let you know you don't have to be mad with fibo but it does help a good sence of humour is sometimes better than allour meds, now where did I put my sence of humour ihad it a minute ago, VG have you seen it any where . Sithy

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