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Hands Knees and everything inbetween very sore persistenet pains

Take your meds rest yes done that, tried just about everything still mega exhausted. I still feel if I could conquer the energy levels I would start to breat the pain.

Should I just accept everything ? No we should not we have to be positive take the path that promotes self acceptance and manage yes manage Fibro.. Positivity I have Fibro but today I will lead a "normal" life :)

I am still very weary Take care everyone xgins

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Morning again gins... No I am not stalking you .... Ok maybe a little but my disguise is very good, I am deffinately trying to be positive but it's a bit deflating when today I am having the same piano lesson as I had last week and the week before cos I have been to tired my vision has been too blurry and my hands to stiff to move across the keys... Fortunately I have a very patient teacher who knows I have limitations and she does a very good interested face despite the fact we repeat so many things cos fibro fog has banished things i know I have learned

hugs VG x


Are you seriously learning piano or is that a whimsy I took lessons for two years nd only stopped last year as hands were not letting me play as fast as my brain thought it should. I still play nut not as often I loved playing duets with her such fun.

Hugs to you my friend


Good morning gins

Seems forever since spoke !

I wish i had more time to play out with you guys!

Well maybe that is possible now i got regular help with wrk.

I miss chatting oftens as i miss things and then trying to catch up.

Sorry you are fighting FAB today this name was given a long time ago by a friend who has Arthritis she calls Arthur, its swear words so never really shared hehe.

But thats just what it is gins.

I feel very heavy and no energy and everything is highlighted in this cold icy weather and the rain puh.

Its just plain naughty picking on us.

I dread when it gets colder as feeling like proper Tin Man haha

Ohh well my day now begins xxxxx

Rest up and take care as thats what my Dr told me to do friday with my leg i been suffering Tendonitis she thinks with pain, swelling and fluid

Eek lovely fancy stocking support


Hi Hun,

I too a sporting a delicious little number from knee to toe, very elegant and warm wow it is warm at night wish I could take it off still trying to get used to it. Very mumified.

Up here it was sparkly white with heavy frost and slippy I dread it. THere was also tha funny fog blowing in and out dangerous.

Hope you have a reasonable day xgins


Yes gins unfortunately for the neighbours I am learning to play the piano have now mastered a whole book of grade one carols... They are recognisable but slow... Have just started grade two book of ordinary music and that where the hands are complaining

PS where are you

Haven't seen you here for 2 days



I have been on a outing to Edinburgh tell more later. I have too mastered grade two and three and now trying old hands at a jazzy bit of carols I love it excellent for fingers Xgins


Hope you're ok Gins! Hope to see you back with us soon, keep warm! :)

(((hug))) xx


Hi Liberty yes ta am ok rather tired but will tell more in blog thanks so much for thinking of me xgins


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