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Disappointed Forum Member!!

I joined this site quite a few months ago and have met some really wonderful and inspirational people who understand each others problems and are able to give good quality advice and help to each other. However, it has come to my attention of late that some of our valued members are being upset by insensitive responses to questions and blogs and in turn this upsets me.

Perhaps we can adopt the attitude as a group that if we don't have anything nice to say then we don't say anything!!.

I would imagine we all joined this site for various reasons but we all have one thing in common, our fibromyalgia, and there are times when we all need help and advice. There are also other times when we need a little light relief and this is often provided by our members who relate tales of their day to day lives. Regardless of what the blogs or questions are about we should be taking note of the do's and dont's of the site and treat each other with the same courtesy and respect we like to be treated with ourselves.

I am looking forward to the continued success of this site and to knowing that we all have each other's best interests at heart and we are all behind each other during the good times and the bad.

Take care fibro friends, love Angela x

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Here here!

Christine x


Aggreed! Love Della xxx


I agree . I wasn't aware of anything going on. Have you reported those responsible?


Unfortunately where there are thousands of members in a public forum, there are always going to be a few who don't have any empathy, tact or diplomacy, that's to be expected.

Also we have to remember we are all ill, we all have Fibromyalgia and have to deal with this on a daily basis, sometimes that makes our fuses a little shorter than normal, we may be inclined to get upset more easily, or be more sensitive than we would ordinarily be. For this reason we all have to bear in mind that we are all in the same boat, we all need a shoulder to lean on sometimes, to have that little bit extra support and understanding.

As Admin we try to keep on top of checking questions, blogs and messages and we do our utmost to take action when something is reported to us or we see for ourselves something that isn't really acceptable.

We take every reporting seriously and take action to delete an offensive post or thread and try to reassure the member who has been upset that we are on the case. We also point out to the person who caused the upset either deliberately or inadvertently that the content wasn't acceptable and why, or whether they should be a little more empathetic with their wording in future. :)


I agree Angela - we are here to support and smile, not to be disrespectful and critical. I guess some people just can't help themselves when it comes to being self-opinionated and judgemental.

Plus of course there are always the trolls who join a group, enjoy seeing people get upset and then leave - now I'm going to be judgemental of the trolls and say they are not very nice people!

Julie xx


It must be very difficult to keep on top of all the posts on this site - there are just soooo many but I have to say that admin do a fantastic job on the whole - they even answer your questions without delay, which is amazing!

On the whole it appears to me to be a very kindly & "sharing" place but totally agree that it is very sad when negative attitudes & words are written to those who are vulnerable & would undoubtedly be upset by them (as I would!!). As someone who is extremely sensitive & takes everything to heart (& then some) I always try to treat others as I would wish to be treated & feel that the vast majority on here do the same. I just hope that this upset hasn't put anyone off using such a great 'meeting place' as it's a valued way of getting support that isn't that widely available elsewhere.


Hi Angela,

Well said, I've not come across anything personally but have read posts from a couple who have..such a shame that one or two can be so undiplomatic, after all we're all in the same boat to one degree or another. Maybe a particular person is having a bad day or in a horrible mood and post things that come across as stern or hurtful, especially if someone is of a sensative nature... I really do like to think no one on here is malicious and i'm sure that's the case. that said if you're going to say something that can be perceived as hurtful...don't post it ..simple.

take care

Jan xx


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