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Ihave just been trawling around the site looking at blogs for a while ago to recent ones and also the same in the questions section

and do you know the amount of blogs/questions/answers that have in them been to my GP/SPECIALIST of whatever varirty it may be and thave told them my symptons and still they are saying it isnt this or that !!!!!

they are NOT listening to us well alot of your GP s anyway i am very lucky mine backs me 100% but ther are many orf you out there that havent got that support then you are sent to a speciallist via your GP who gods knowsw htat hey have written to t hem as we never see that then you walk in the consulting room and theydisregard anything you may say and just write what they thinkor agree with whatever your GP has written down

The other thing that really is getting to me is WHY do the GPs /SPECIALLIST think that we would make up this life for ourselves ????

do they think we actually wenjoy not sleeping? constant pain? and all the other delights too manty to mention that go with this wonderful illness Fibro

Do they think we like to sit out at family functions as if we were to do the twist we really would be in a twist and dont they think wemay enjoy the odd glass of bubbly and a walk in the country ???

anyway i think you get the idea of this blog i really got on the old soap box ther dont know what came over me ?

think it may be my tummy bubbling as i have eaten too much cake lol and thinkit has flared my tummy up

love to you all diddle x

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Well said diddle - you voiced what a lot of us are thinking xx


exactly right! like you i am lucky enough to have a good doctor which makes such a difference. my last one took no notice of me till i shouted abuse at her, then she said "yes well i think we will test you for....." silly cow!! she listened to me after that. it should not have come to that though. xxxx :)


I second that diddle!!

gentle hugs x x


I third that Diddle! Gentle hugs to one and all.

I have to add though I had a brilliant GP until I moved 3 years ago - and the gazillions of GP's in the surgery where I live now are bloody Jobsworth! But I'll not let them undermine the way I am wit the fibro - I'll educate them if it kills me! xx




Didn't I read somewhere that there are now a set of guidelines for GP's etc. to diagnose fibro from? If this is the case why are so many of them dismissing people and their symptoms as nothing?? Makes you wonder whether it is easier for them not to give a proper diagnosis and have patients on their books with these chronic illnesses. Probably costs too much to treat us all!!. Having said that, my GP is really good and very very supportive so I can't complain.

Too much cake could be a very good reason to flare up your stomach problems Diddle!!. Must confess I have eaten a fair amount of rubbish myself today, 4 bars of chocolate, 2 lemon cakes and then 2 pieces of lemon swiss roll.

Take care, Angela xx


Well said, Diddle

I like all sorts of cake, especially fruity ones like Dundee. When I have a particular pain I am not coping with very well I shut my eyes, and imagine a big slice of mums home made fruit cake. After 2-3 mins I go to the kitchen cupboard and hope !


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