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I felt that I had to blog this

This is such a great site it makes you feel your not alone ,you always get replies to your blogs no matter what, some days I feel so low and just pop into read some of the blogs, .

I would just like to say a big thank you to the fibro team for all the information they give us and the volunteers are something else , everyone helps us all out at times with the answers to our questions

But a big thank goes to 2 volunteers especially because they keep me laughing at the antics they get up too they bounce off each other so well in case you've not guessed who it is VG and moffty so thank you one and all your just brilliant

Thanks guys :-)

From Tetley x

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Oh wow thank you I would curtesy but with my knees i probably would end up on the floor so I,ll take a bow ( and all the credit) :D as moffy isn't here yet and say a big thank you to everyone who chooses this site to pop into so often. I must say when I blundered on here in tears last September I never though I would find so many friends and have such fun...

Thank you VG xxx

Ps can we block this from moffy ..... Rushes to cover it with a tent .....

Your welcome VG x

Thanks tweety, how very nice of you to take the time to comment. I work behind the scenes looking after VG's knees, but she still can't curtsey, so it's a thankless task.

The tent didn't work, VG - I still saw the post, because I have been loitering within tent! :D

Moffy x

Your welcome moffy, you see what I mean about you two bouncing of each other lol x :-)

I'm in complete agreement with you tweety, great site, great mods and very special volunteers. It is so lovely to spin round in planet VG and Moffy, the antics have lifted me out of a very deep dose of depression and I can certainly attribute that to the hilarity we have here. :D :D :D So a huge huge thank you to both of them !!!!!

Foggy x

Well said all

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