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Anyone awarded DLA for Life/Indefinite Had Forms for Re-assessment?

I've recently noticed blogs here referring to being sent forms to re-assess Life/Indefinite awards for DLA. I'm just wondering how many other people have been affected like this lately. Maybe It's just me but I can't help it, makes me feel DWP are up to something especially when they say that DLA Life/Indefinite awards aren't going to be re-assessed for PIP until after 2015.

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Yeah hubby got one. Since was awarded it he has got worse and uses leg braces and whwalchair never got care but he now gas severe memory probs and has help from adult dementia team and has to have someone 24/7 so they will hopefully give him care oart this time


Trying to look on the positive I was hoping they were getting all the indefinites re assed while it was still dla so they don't get bothered by pip which I think has different criteria I know low care rate will be going as as my assesment is yearly due in june, I have had my renewal form come early and it says make sure you get it back by April... So I thought that hopefully that meant I would get my low care rate for an extra year before it goes through PIPS

Maybe I am being stupid but will carry on hoping I am right ,, and it you hear a shriek across the country in April you will know its me and there was something afoot and I,ve lost my dla....


Hi my DLA up in june 2013 gave them a call and was told I will be assessed on DLA not PIP so I think yours should be the same good luck with it


Like VG I got my renewal form last week, but only got DLA for the first time 6 months ago, and it was due for review in June.

My son is autistic and has indefinite award. He received a letter this morning to say his award will be reviewed in 2015 - or later


I am also on Indefinate DLA and Care I don't know if they will be re-assessing me. I cannot walk more than a few steps now. They said on the News last night that they are doing assesments in doors and if you can walk from room to room,even with a stick or aid they will still downgrade or take away benefits. They are covering it all on local news I suppose in each area!

It is hard enough living like we do without being put through the ordeal of more tests.:-(

I for one would gladly give up my DLA etc if I was promised to be well again with a flick of a wand LOL Who wouldn't?

Just try and keep calm about it all and try not to stress about it,as all that does is harm you more.

Gentle Hugs to all (((((((((((((((((((((((((((( :-) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


i was giving dla 4 life about 4 a number of medical reasons one of them is im waiting 4 a double transpant kidneys liver since i told them i have fibromalgia they took it of me i get nothing ive got no help from nobody now and cant do it myself


I was given middle rate care and high mob idefinitely, yet a year later recieved a letter and form to fill in apparently in their words, "to make sure you are recieving all you are entitled to"

i filled in the forms with the help of CAB and sent them in, i was then told i would require a DWP dr's visit at my home for yet another medical, after which, they then took away my mobility part, and put me on low care, i lost the car,and had only had it for 4 months.I was left stranded in the house unable to stand and wait on public transport or walk very far because of pain and fatigue. I am appealing the decision, and am waiting for an appeal date. When i read what the DWP Dr. had written i couldn't believe my eyes she blatently twisted what i said, and ended by commenting that in her opinion, " she is less disabled that she percieves" . Where do these Drs get off judging people they have only met. We are not even called patients anymore, but, "clients"

Apparently the DWP are judge and jury, and all our GPs and consultants are liars.


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