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Unscrupulous folk are all over! beware of e mail requests.BUOGIRL

Im sure im not the only one that has been sent this e mail saying im interested in your blogs/profile please e mail me. I reported it as suspicious and e mailed support, BUT this person has given their e mail asking me to contact them. I am so sure they are not genuine as who would profess to have an interest in a woman whose profile says 48 and out with the trash!!!!They also dont have very good english. Just posting incase anyone else had the e mail from here. Support have blocked "her" I think so no probs BUT wanted to warn you as we can all be vulnerable at times and on occasion in need of "friends".

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lots of us got the message apparently, but it has been reported, and admin has told us to delete it and not reply, think most of us smelt a rat, :)


Thanks for that. I was it bit surprised as I hadn't actually posted my profile! Mind you it has made me think that perhaps I should anyway.


the thing is why are the tring to get in touch with us i would like to know that

we are all of a same do they think we are all middel age and got loads of money

would just love to now ?????

soft hugs kath


himyesa i got it too imdid reply saying i dont give my e mail out on site or any other details then i deleted ita si thought it was suspect too as they had no profile and had never posted before lol so hopefully they have been delerted now love diddle x


if you go in directory they have got fibroaction bar nest to their name ????? love diddle xxx


hi i got this request, and replied to my inbox,to this person, but also thought it was dodgy,?? did not send e-mail as it asked me to, i find this sad as we are all in bad health on here and its bad enough coping day to day, without rubbish like this tc all love soma x


Unfortunately I was sucked in & did reply. I got an email back from her with a photo spposedly of her.

She told me she is from Sudan & her Father is a well known wealthy Doctor. She has been training to be a nurse. However a riot started in her town & her parents where both murdered. She managed to escape to a neighbouring town & is now living in a refugee camp. She wants to continue with her education to become a nurse.

From what I see on TV news about places like this people in refugee camps have little to nothing let alone a computer & working network.

She would like to know me better & send photographs. Which I will not be doing. I believe it is one of those scams where some people are easlily taken in by the sad stories & befote younknow it will be asked for money to educate herself. I really do believe it is a farce, she never once mentioned Fibro or learning about fibro.

I would say to everyone be very awaware.

Luv & Hugs Jac


Hi Jac

yes i believe the police here call them "nigerian scams" I was subject to a contact from a soldier who originated from Cumbria on myspace. I have loads of myspace mates in cumbria and as he professed to be mailing from afghanistan I did my bit daily to "keep up morale" . After several months of clean talking I got an e mail on US army heading asking for funds to release this guy for leave! The english was bad on it, unlike his english which was good. I instantly reported it and being the snoop I am actually contacted the US army with the story. A veryl polite officer gave me a web site to check if I could see my cumbrian soldier friend who professed to be employed by US army. He was infact a dead soldier! I was disgusted that some slimeball of a nigerian scammer had set up a network to extort money from caring English ladies. I wondered why he declined to discuss the architecture of his homeplace, I had even volunteered to go take photos of his hometown. Part of me misses the friendly positive non smutty conversations we used to have, but I know they werent real and that was a few years ago when inbetween relationships. When this lass wrote I knew it was weird as she obviously had no idea what fybro was nor could she possibly have any interest in me as my profile says 48 and out with the trash. After the dead soldier (who got no money from me) I was subject to another scam whilst trying to find a campervan to buy. The police were involved with that one. I guess I am not exactly an easy target, but I do give folk time which is how they get in. Its deffinately a farce re buogirl and im sure we will have many more like her to come as cyberspace is full of them. Glad you spotted the unreality of her story and dont be fooled by pictures, think on the dead soldier story!

Warm thoughts NN :)


I too had this email and like you, replied with a non commital email before really thinking about it.Got exactly the same reply as you. From what I can gather she is looking for some rich man to put her through college etc!!!! So why email women??? I reported it.She is scammer aparently and has been deleted, but no saying she could surface as someone else. What a sad state of affairs when even on sites like this you can't take anyone on face value anymore in case there is an underlying agenda. I still would like to believe there is more good people out there than the odd bad one. XX


Hi Nordic Navajo

It really is disgusting how the CAN take advantage if vulnerable people.

I will not be one in this case.

Thank you & I am so glad I realised she is a hoax



Realised it was a hoax when they said they found my profile interesting, I haven't even written one!!!


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