Atos medical for DLA

I had my medical for DLA this afternoon.

The DR seemed very nice (but you never can tell) he listened to everything I said and attached my typed paper about how my medical conditions affect my life to my file. I had to do a sight test which I wasn't very good at,and a basic movement test.well, this one was hilarious! I'm in a flare at the moment and generally don't walk or stand well and I had to stand to do this test.My legs were wobbling like mad and I nearly fell over twice! I couldn't put my hands above my head or touch my knees!.The funniest thing was when I went to open the door for him when he left,I was using my crutches and my brain decided to throw a wobbly literally and I nearly went over backwards in a spectacular wobble! He was very alarmed and I said don't worry I do this a lot!

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  • Hi Amanda,

    Too true you can never trust them..smiling whilst stabbing you in the back i always think!!

    Good luck and hope you get the award you so deserve

    Jan xx

  • thanks x

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