DLA medical experience!

I had my DLA medical this morning. It was not quite what I expected even though I had done some research before going. My OH came with me, as I am not driving very far at the moment, and we worked out that I was 'grilled' by the doctor for over 75 minutes! I have absolutely no clue how it went really but it left me completely physically and mentally exhausted. I really wouldn't want to go through that experience again too soon so please keep your fingers crossed for me (if it doesn't hurt too much that is ;) ) Jane x

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  • Fingers and toes crossed for you :-)

    I found Blue Badge assesment pretty exhausting but i have it now was accepted straight away so now to do DLA and ESA no idea what to expect.

    I have been informed today though that the changes we made ie had a shower put in and bath taken out this year as its bern a strughle as much as i am out and about in car with wrk and so exhausting day in day out and this weather is grilling me .

    I am rooting for you xxxxxx cazzie

  • I forgot huh lol we were told can claim for it all back and probably have done properly as my small only bathroom toilet i have can be done properly. So fingers crossed too . Going to ask for a hand rail for off loo getting up too if sorted xx

  • Thanks FC.I will keep my fingers crossed for you too then! xxx

  • Ouch well I hope you get it after all that grilling

    VG x

  • Thank you VG. Yup, more grilled than a burnt burger at McD's ;) xxx

  • Ooo. All the best. I've had dla appeal and lost some of it and now waiting for esa appeal date. It's not right , having to go through all this stress. It's helping nobody and we can't seem to do anything about it. I don't like rolling over....... Sorry feeling like a rant, but i do hope it goes in your favour.

  • Hope it has the desired outcome Della. I've had 2 for ME and I thought some of the questions were irrelevant unless you were being sectioned under the mental health act!

    Fingers crossed

    Storm x

  • Thanks everyone. Yes, I did wonder about the relevance of some of the questions ie what is my favourite TV programme?! Perhaps I should have answered documentaries about the role of ATOS ...sadly I didn't think of it at the time!! Jane x

  • Best of luck to you Jane! :) xxx

  • Thanks Libs. Ithink I might need it ;) x

  • I got the tv question. It is a trick question, I said I liked crime drama. They turned that on the report to 'can sit and watch tv for and hour', and as I said I could not sit for more than 5 minutes without having to move, that answer completely contradicted it by making it look as though I sat for that long without moving. Just because you like a certain programme they assume you do not move throughout xxxxx

  • i have had medicals to keep my sick money This doctor [[lady ]]] asked a lot of questions and because i missed a tick out about ever having problems with peeing YES peeing she gave me the third degree and told me i should remember every form i filled out ........I was gobbed smacked at this ...How the hell is a person supposed to know that just look at all the forms you have to filll in hahahhaha any way on her recommendation i lost my sick money I made an appeal got the cab involved i got this lady to help me fight and we won it was hard work as i had to go infront of a solicitor and a doctor but she came with me for that grilling and believe me it was a grilling any way i got the decision straight after that and it was in my favour I had all monies back dated from the day my sick money stopped ...... I know things have changed quite a bit now as this happened a few years ago But by the sound of things the grillings are still going strong .Good luck to you fingers crossed xxxxxxx

  • Thanks joyous (lovely name!). I keep thinking of things that I should have said - problems with peeing being one of them! Never mind, at least you won in the end. It is so wrong that we have to fight though, especially when we have this condition we just don't have the energy. Your story is an inspiration for us all not to give up so thanks for sharing. Jane x

  • I've got my medical assessment on monday. I don't know what to expect and I'm getting worked up over it. The Dr is coming out to my home my husband has wrangled some time off to be here. Any information /advice very welcome xx

  • If you have not already done so, I would strongly advise you to read the guides from the works and pensions website. If you email 'info@fibroaction.org' they will send them to you free of charge. There is some really good advice in there for what to expect from a home visit. Good luck!! Jane x

  • hope you get through ok x

  • Thanks Vikki. It's nice that we support each other here. Jane x

  • HI guys afraid mine is not good news just when I thought I was ok 6 weeks after my exam they made me re-apply under the new umbrella & now taken it away so now I have to re-apply completely from scratch as they are referring the new system to be middle rates & high rates only so no more lower rate a real bummer before Christmas thanks to DLA I hope all is well otherwise, my mental health evaluation is now 7 weeks with no sign of my evaluation Its wrong I could have committed suicide by now never mind hey x

  • I didn't know about that whizzkid. I am sorry that they are giving you such a hard time. Did you watch Question Time last night? I found it good to know that there are some folks who recognise the flaws in the current system and that genuine cases are being made to suffer unnecessarily. Stay strong and fight for what is rightfully yours. Jane x

  • I hope it all goes well for you hun xxxxx

  • Thanks so much OG. It would be good to have a positive out ome from such a negative experience. Jane x

  • i was diagnosed in oct 2010 i was working up until august 2012 when i was made redundant, they were already taking me down the capability route Ihad been moved from one dept to another and no luck, I didnt seem able to do any job to what they classed the best of my ability any more, it was very frustrating, it gave me a reason to get dressed everyday. Unfortunately I was getting worse the medications have been increased which have caused a lot more side affects, I went straight onto esa. then they asked me to do a form assessment It took me days its as thick as a bible!!!! I cant remember what i did an hour ago they are so detailed!!! they lost my form so stopped my esa!!!! I was in bits but they made me an appointment at the job centre and the staff were very helpful and went thru the form with me and now im back on esa, Im sure theres worse to come but I dont know what yet... any ideas how it flows, any advice much appreciated xx

  • It sounds like you have had a very hard time of things so I am glad that you got your ESA back and that you had support in doing so. I have't gone down that route yet but may well have to in the near future. There are lots of folks on the main forum who will have had that experience though and I am sure they can offer more help. Good luck! Jane x

  • Thanks Jane, I hope u dont have to for a very long time, my confidence has gone, I feel at 42 that my life is over, its very depressing and frustrating, I dont want to think this is all I have to look forward to, a life of forms and begging for handouts from the state, Ive always worked and been proud of any job Ive done... Maybe one day I may find a level in meds where I can live and work normally... got to hope I guess ... I'll check out the other pages and see what other advice may help me, the forms and hoops and stress they put you through is terrifying but I would urge anyone to continue with it, dont let it beat you, you have a right to help, Fibro is recognised, and you should get help to try and live with it best you can. Good luck to everyone going through appeals and starting out as I am now.

    Lisa xx

  • To all of those who have FMS and also work but have found that your symptoms have become worse I suggest you look up the symptoms of 'bullying in the workplace'. I did it recently and I am now convinced that my FMS is not getting worse! Take a look, I'm sure you'll

    be surprised!

  • Thanks for the reply BenLes. Did you mean the info on the NHS website? I did take a look but I am sure that it isn't really applicable in my case as I really loved my work and had wonderful colleagues and students. I was blessed to have a fantastic job and I would just love to be well enough to get back there before I am sacked due to competence issues. I am technically still employed but haven't worked for over 18 months now so it is only a matter of time.

    If you think that your own issues might be down to bullying though, why don't you get in touch with your union? They should be able to back you with that one. All best wishes to you. Jane x

  • Thanks for that, I'm already in touch with my union, I saw my rep yesterday and he was almost rubbing his hands with glee when I left him:)

    I won't be taking this lying down, I have the law on my side and my school is on very thin ice! I'll let you all know what the outcome is.

  • Yes, please do. I once worked in a school where a member of staff made my life a misery. Fortunately I found another job quite quickly but it left me depressed for a long time. I didn't think of contacting my union back then but I should have done as I loved the job and the children. Jane x

  • good luck with your results LDF. will be rooting for you.

    as for bullying in the workplace, I had that and I used to work for a firm of solicitors. It turned out that 2 previous staff members had tried taking them on, to no avail, but it seems they can get away with anything, so I didn't try in the end. I got signed off sick 2 years ago, and left the firm after 6 months of the sick leave.

  • Thanks sammicat, I think that bullying in the workplace is probably a lot more common than people think. BenLes might well have a very good point with his comments. I don't know how some people can live with their conscience knowing how much they have done to ruin the lives of other people - or maybe they just don't have one. Best wishes to you and I hope that you have managed to put it behind you now. Jane x

  • Thank you for all your support. I've been talking to some of my ex colleagues who happen to have been on SLT and I've found out all kinds of interesting things, much of which are to my advantage :)

    I'll keep you all posted but I still have another week off sick yet. I will be seeing my doctor before I return though. My union reps parting comment was" don't be in a rush to go back to school!"

  • It's great that you are getting support from colleagues and the union. Your rep is right, don't go back until you feel 100% or you could be in danger of compromising your health even further. Stay strong and don't let the bullies get away with it. Do please let us know how you get on. Jane x

  • I do appreciate your support and I must say I'm feeling quite a lot better being away from school and bullying colleagues. Which only goes to support my theory that my FMS is NOT getting worse but my symptoms are being exacerbated by being bullied.

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