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I had my ESA medical assesment today, does anyone know the average time it takes to hear anything?

I would recommend that anyone going for this (or any) assesment reads the tips from the benefit and works website. They honestly try to trip you up with questions like " so what do you like to watch on TV" I answered the soaps and she said " so you sit and watch TV for an hour or two in the evening"? I said No, I alternate between my PC, reading, and the TV because I cannot sit without pain for a couple of hours!!

They also asked how Id got there, who I was with, how long the journey was, do I walk anywhere if so where to, there really was a feel of trying to catch you out. I have to say I did end up in tears much to my embarrassment :-(

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Don't worry that is how they treat you ! I had mine in March need a new left knee and partial right now it seems I can walk 200 metres ! Agree with the tv she put down I could watch it for an hour did not say that ! I was in tears too ! I waited 5 weeks before finding out I only got 6 points so am appealing had a letter in Nov still waiting on appeal ! So Don't give up depends on how busy they are could be 3 to 5 weeks !!! Good Luck !

PS this time I joined benifits to work will follow their advice !


It's unbelievable ,, arnt we allowed to watch tv, are we allowed to do anything , I mean are we so-pose to be unable to do anything. It's disgraceful , people have tv in hospital , that's allowed then , but we can't because we have fibro and can't sit for that length of time. Are we allowed to lay n watch tv whist we move our restless legs. Lol, this is getting more funny as I as i read on,,,Well I can't wait to meet these assessors because I hope am having a good day , so my brain is sharp enough to give answers . Well best get my helicopter out to fly me in , so hope they have good parking space ,,,,,seen as my fibro body can't sit for too long on a bus.... Lol . X


It's like in between all our day to day ailments we are not spose to have good spells and have a life according to these people they call themselves assessors ,,, good grief.


didnt matter what i said she either changed what i said or made up her own awnsers she did slip up though she put astma meds upset me dont have astma and i wore both hearing aids through interveiw dont have hearing aids and never claimed to be deaf medical report thrown out at tribunral and won my appeal and it didnt come down to points you only have to qualify for one of the discriptors and i passed for the first one tribunral only took 10 mins


Nice one but it should never have to go to tribunal in the first place i am still awaiting my tribunal date as my benefit stops next month well done again


Thanks for your reply's everyone, Its just a case of waiting for their decision now but I wont be giving up and I am quite prepared to appeal. Ive worked all my life so I wont be bullied just because I'm not able to now :-)


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