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esa medical help

hi there i'm new to this site, i'm off today for my medical assesment as incapacity benefit is going to be changed to employment support.... i've got myself in such a state about it i've given myself a migraine, i have fibromyalgia and have had it for over 20 years and its now to the stage where its unbearable ... please help me with any advice thanks lesley

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I have been to these ESA interviews, firstly remember from the moment you arrive they can watch you, they even have cameras watching the car park. They will ask you how you got there, if they keep you waiting, complain, tell them how much pain you are in sat there having to wait. If they ask to to lie on your back on the couch, they will want to see how high you can lift your legs, I just refused even to get on the couch , I told them I couldn't get myself onto the couch and the was no way I could lie on my back and lift my legs up. They asked if I could touch my toes, so I said no, could I kneel on the floor, I said if I tried i would fall over so they would have to pick me up !!!!!

If you say, go the to the supermarket, be sure they know how often you go, the guy I saw didn;t write it as I had explained it and my ESA had to go to appeal but I did get it back. If they ask if you can do something, never say 'well I perhaps could' if you can't do it, firmly say so.,

I also believe you can now ask for the interview to be taped if you require it.

Good luck x


do they have my doctors records there or am i supposed to get them... i'm sure i read somewhere but cant find it that fibro sufferers have to be checked over by a fibro specialist or someone who actually understands the condition... xx


Hi les71, welcome I hope you find some interesting and useful info and give some too! I think Ebony is spot on. Don't feel like you have to sit in the chair for the whole time, if you need to get up for a few seconds, don't ask, just do it. Do not do anything that causes you any 'significant discomfort'. Remembering that all levels of 'discomfort' come before you get any 'pain', think about that when answering questions like "how far can you walk?" It can help if you tell them why at each step, although if it is a computer answered assessment, they are just ticking boxes and the chances are they will not enter anything you say. It is likely that the assessor will have no specific knowledge of any medical condition you have, so you can and probably should state that you do not believe that they are a 'suitably trained medical professional' to assess you, if you believe that to be the case. Go through, in your head, each thing you would have to do to make beans on toast from beginning to sitting down to eat it, it will help you answer questions on whether or not you can prepare a meal for yourself. Do not volunteer any information that is not asked for unless it supports your case and at the end tell them that the consequence of you attending and going through the assessment will be, that tomorrow you will be unable to do anything at all if that is the case. Good luck!


make sure you tell them that you are unable to do repetative actions.Also that you dont know how you are going to be from one hour to the next, let alone on a day to day basis. if you are kept waiting LAY ACROSS SOME OF THE SEATS in the waiting area, and when you go in avoid bearing weight on your spine and tell them that you can neither sit stand or walk for more than a few minutes at a time. I find when im being cross examined i just end up crying so dont be scared about crying in front of them it will go in your favour


hiya well wasnt too bad today as couldnt do most things as had really bad migraine and back ache from bus travel, fingers crossed xx


well i've took the first step and rang up for a copy of the medical report to see what she wrote as i answered ger questions... i said to her so if i can bath and wash my own hair i'm capable of getting a job, she said they are standard questions and i have to ask everybody the same.. i said well everybodies condition is not the same... just gotta wait to hear now... this site is brillinat and is good for picking up and sharing tips on pain manangement xx


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