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medical assement for esa

i went for my assesment last week,the dr there only saw me for 5 mins, she asked what i watched on tv,what i did with my day annd told me to put my hands up down and turn them around.

i have degenetive hip and spine, fibro, osteoperosis, ibs, bladder problems, asthma ,and circulation probs and sinusitus.

i recived a letter today telling me they are putting me in working group as i am capable of doing some kind of work.

most days i cant even get out of bed let along go to do a job

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hi Debz i have no idea what planet these people are on ! maybe one day they will understand and feel remorse for how they have treated so many people. do you think you will appeal ? Also even if you could work there are no jobs so its rediculous, warm hugs J X


The way ATOS get away with this is unbelievable. The number of stories I'm hearing where it really is like the letter is written about a completely different person to the one that went for assessment! No wonder record numbers of decisions are getting over-turned at tribunal!

If you don't yet have the guides from Benefits & Work, email and I'll send them out to help you appeal.


i dont know about appealing , i dont understand what they think,i mean i cand have bad bowels up to 8 times a day and it can last for hours, my bladder is awful. i had to give up all my voluntery work because i became so ill.

how she could tell by 5 mins, she didnt ask how i managed stairs, if i need help dressing or anything so i dont know . t

thank you Dx


oh thank you lindseymid, will they not stop my eas i get now? iv heard stories if you apeal then you could lose it all? x


I have just been put into WRAG group and plan to appeal - as soon as the paperwork arrives. I did ask about if I would be paid whilst appealing and was told I would get paid just the same. I also heard recently that if you appeal you stand to lose benefit, and questioned this. The reply was that if you have been placed in WRAG and attend the interviews whilst awaiting the appeal you get paid the same amount. If you dont attend the interviews you get paid £71 per week, and if you are found fit to work and sent to sign on and you appeal, currently you get lower rate but there are plans to stop it at some future date.

It was a bit confusing but the way I understood it was that being in WRAG group you have nothing to lose by appealing

Good luck

Em xx


disgusting , i had the same problem , those medicals are an absolute joke. Take it to tribunal like i did. i won my tribunal 6 months ago and already they are pestering me to go for another medical . Its about time this government sorted this out , its a joke


I was the same summer. I kept being put into the work group which was "one day in the future I would be fit for work" so last year I also appealed, particularly as the medical report bore no resemblance to me at all and thankfully I had someone with me as a witness. I got together all the paperwork on my various conditions and I also got a letter from my GP saying I was unfit for work and would not be able to go back to teaching. I did win my appeal and again, like you summer, I have also had to fill in new forms AGAIN less than a year after. This year my conditions have not only got worse but I have now got IBS too. My GP also did me an update to the letter he did for my appeal. I am now waiting to see whether they will call me for another medical. Debz, whatever help you can get then take it and please do appeal against this stupid decision. Make sure you get a copy of the medical report (the one that lasted all of 5 minutes.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr). Always remember to let them know how things are on the worst of your days. They will use anything you say to turn it around as if you are not as bad as you really are.

We are all behind you........infact we are all NEXT TO YOU......all the way!!!!!!!

Biggest hugs

E x :) x


Hunni I know just how you felt. I have as my main illnesses Fibro, COPD & Emphysema, plus a lot of other investigated and confirmed illnesses and I also have osteoarthritis of the spine. My list of illnesses is too long. ATOS gave me zero points, decision maker agreed and then the tribunal agreed too and I was thrown off the sick. I was okay as I had a loophole, I just claimed carers allowance for my daughter which meant they had to pay me Income Support. The staff at my interviews treated like royalty and were disgusted at what had happened. They escorted me from one interview to the next via the staff lift as the customer lift was out of order anf then I was helped back out again. Then they said they would noot be interviewing me agin for three years. So some of the DWP staff can see how we are being treated, and those staff I applaud. Just a shame they have no clout in all of this. We are all behind you on this one and I hope you manage to smack them in the face with a fresh wet fish xxxxx


Oh and I have just had it confirmed I am going deaf both ears at a rate of knots, but I can work apparently xxxxx


i had my medical in April 2011 in a block of empty offices that looked rented for the day, i have Dystonia which is involuntry muscle spasms from the neck down which also causes my spine to curve and makes my right leg twist inwards from my hip. i was sat with this man at a computer and his 1st Q was how far was my local supermarket and how long could i walk without needing to stop before i got to the super market. when telling him i couldnt possibly walk to the supermarket looked up at me and said "umm" i had to stretch my arms and twist both wrists, then walk up and down twice and once told him all my medication and the doses he asked me what they were for and i told him they were muscle relaxers to help reduce the painful muscle movements he commented "that sounds like a high does to me you should be totally relaxed on that mixture" i said " the doses are high as ive been on them for 15 years and my body soon came immune to the low doses" i was told that personal additional information was not required just to answer the questions. i walked out 10 mins later thinking i must be on youve been framed and someone was going to jump out and say "gottcha"

i was denied the benefit not recieving any ponts and declared fit to work. my personal adviser from my job centre was very supportive and am now on income support with that its helping i didnt apeal from pure anger and to this day i still dont believe that man had any kind of medical knowledge or qualifications in medicine.


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