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Doctors medical note

Hello everyone..😊..i was wondering if any one knows what i can do about a problem i have with jsa..i was on esa until a couple of weeks ago as i failed my assesment so i have had to sign for jsa until they check my mandatory reconsideration. I was told i would be able to have a medical note to give to the jobcentre so i asked my doctor & she said they received a letter from dwp stating not to give me anymore medical notes. I told her its not for the esa but for jsa until i recieve a desition for my esa. Does any one know if his is right that i cant have a medical note from my doctor so i have to look for work that i cannot do with being in so much pain..🙁..xx

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Tel59 , I'm not in the UK so not sure of laws but I wish you the very best in getting things sorted. Have a good night . Peck.🐤


Thank u peck..i hope its all aorted takes forever to sort things out in uk..🤔..Terri

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Hi there

I think you need to get some professional advice from somewhere like the CAB.

We have a benefits advisor Janet but I believe she is away at the moment.

I hope you are able to find the answer to your query.

Wishing you all the very best

Lu x



Hi Tel59

I am so genuinely sorry to read this, and I have read through two *GOV.UK pdf files trying to find the answers. As far as I was aware, a GP has sole discretion over whether or not to issue a fit note. They have to justify their actions regardless of whether or not a fit note has been issued. However, you are not the first person to say this, as the internet has many examples of people saying the same thing (simply google it).

Reading these pdf's, if I have understood correctly. The GP should now instigate an Occupational Therapy style appointment to ascertain if you are fit for work or not? They will receive a report to which they must write to the DWP with their findings?

The only other piece of advice I can offer you, is if your pain becomes too much then visit either your local A&E (do not usually recommend A&E as it is for emergencies only) or your local walk - in centre, screaming agony! And get yourself examined as they can issue a fit note.

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi woopcushen, I also want to genuinely wish you all the best with yoru assessment as well :)

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Its not just Fibro its all illnesses

not fair as their are more and more of us who have these illnesses that their is no treatment for or GPs consider us hypochondriacs but their not living in our shoes .



Thank u every one for ur replys..😊..its lovely to know i can talk to someone without being judged..😊..ive got an appointment this morning with a third doctor who might do something to help but i let u all kow what she has said..thank u ken for the information you added..😊..i will have a good read through it in a little while as ive just woke up so im still asleep & in pain at the moment..🙁..after my first cuppa i be more awake..😁..hope u all have a good day today..Terri..😊


That's so wrong,how can the dwp tell the doctor not to give you a medical note,first that is none of the dwp business what your doctor gives you.Are you sure that your doctor hasnt made a mistake that you do not need anymore medical notes as your not on esa anymore.

Some where there is a mix up They can't tell your doctor you are not sick.Grrrr gets me mad how people are treated.


Hugggs been there a few times.Very stressful.


Hello tel 59-your g.p is in charge of your medical needs NOT any beurocrats in the civil service!! Your g.p will always issue a sick note especially if you get your cheque book out! Seriously see a more senior medic in the practice and if you have a consultant ask for his/her for intervention too.. I had support from Occ health, physio, rheumatology, and g.p they all provided written detail of why it was a health & safety issue for me to go outdoors alone never mind go to work! Make yourself a word document of ALL your pain , your mobility, your cognitive (brain fog) your personal hygiene needs and any appliances and supports you use, keep this and take it to appts. and ALWAYS take someone with you at these appts, because as soon as an "aah but" is mentioned yor mind loses track of things you need to get across.. Good Luck our friend, ask our Ken for input he is a hive of info on this subject too.


Hi Tel59 this is an extract from governments JSA leaflet hope it helps:-

If you are sick and not fit for work you can keep claiming JSA if you have:

 two short periods of sickness of up to 14 days in any jobseeking period, or

within each successive 12-month period if your jobseeking period lasts longer

than 12 months, or

 a third or longer period of sickness of up to 13 weeks in a fixed 12-month

period starting from the first date of your sickness. We call this an “Extended

Period of Sickness”. You must have medical evidence if you are sick for

longer than two weeks, and you can only have one Extended Period of

Sickness in any 12-month period.

Your work coach can tell you the exact dates that make up the time we call your

“jobseeking period”.

Continuing to claim JSA can have a number of advantages:

 Your benefit payments will not be disrupted - including payment of any

“passported” benefits, such as Housing Benefit, that you may be claiming.

 You will not have to apply for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and

then reclaim JSA when you are no longer sick.

 You will also stay in touch with your work coach who can provide you with

advice and support to return to work as soon as you are well enough.

What to do if you need an Extended Period of Sickness

If you are likely to be sick for more than two weeks you will need to provide

supporting medical evidence from the eighth day of your sickness period to the

end of it. If you expected to be better within two weeks but find you are still sick

you will need to provide supporting medical evidence – such as a statement of

fitness for work (called a “fit note”) signed by your GP or other health professional

– as soon as possible, and dated no later than day 15 of your sickness period.

You must send your supporting medical evidence to your work coach as soon as

you can.

If you do not provide supporting medical evidence you will be expected to be

available for work and actively seeking work to keep claiming JSA.

Information for people who are sick while claiming JSA

JSAFS001 03/1


Helloooo every one..😊..a big huge thank u for all ur advice & concerns..its sooooo lovely to have u all at my side..well an update..i went to the docs yesterday morning & dicussed a sick first she wasnt going to give me one as she (the 3rd doctor) stated that dwp have stated no more sick notes..well i wasnt happy at all but kept my stance & told her it was for jsa not esa & she still harped on i cant have a sick note..she says she has to state my illness so i asked her to state that my hips & back & ankles are crippling me & that i am not fit to work as i cant handle anything to do with work..🙁..i told her all 3 doctors are making me feel like im just exagerating my illness & that you all make me feel like fibro dosnt exist..i asked her if she would say the same thing if id been diagnosed with ms (sorry if that sounds a bit harsh but i just wanted to make a statment as i know its a debilatating illness to) i think she just gave in because i wouldnt let it go so she eventually gave me a sicknote to last me till the 8th of last..😁..well as soon as i got home i rang the dwp & asked what to do..the man was very nice & made sure i had the correct address & to post it right away & not to worry as he had noted all that weve said & he is sending me a form to fill in that i have to send right back as its something to do for a 13 weeks thing (sorry i cant remember what he said about that bit..i was just glad to have my sicknote & address to post it to)..😁..well thats it & im sorry about the length of this post but i hope this will help any one else in the same position & give them a helping hand at what to do..((((((((big hugs to u all for standing by me))))))..Terri..😊


Hi again Tel59, that is great news, and well done for sticking to your guns my friend :)


That's good to hear,persistence is worth it..You have got to live it to understand it haven't you.x


Thank u..😊 usually a quiet lady but all this has made my blood boil so i thought its about time us fibro people have something to fight fed up of being made to feel were nobodys when we are all somebody..hope ur all feeling less pain today..😊..Terri


Personally I didn't think anyone can tell GPS what to do or not to lol I have never heard of this before & would deffo question it.

The esa only need sick notes for a certain amount of time so if your surgery were still sending them, they could have written telling them not to send anymore.

If I was you, I would call the doctors & speak with the receptionist & explain the medical note is for something completely different, tell them your doctor obviously misunderstood.

There is no reason at all why your gp would not give you a medical note. If no joy, get advise from CAB

Peace, luv n light

Jan x

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Hello Tel59,,,, Maybe the letter your doctor got was for the esa benefit,,,and as you have been told no,,then you will have to register for jsa, and then give them the sick notes from your doctor,,,,so your doctor will have to give you the notes, jsa, job seekers allowance is the real get you in work benefit and very tough with the job search thing.

I wish you luck with the mandatory reconsideration,,,ttfn from Karen.

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Hi Karen

Yes it was for esa but they wouldnt give me one for my hsa..😐..i think i blagged her head so much she gave in..its a shame when i have to fight to proove ur ill..😮..hope u have a great day..😊..Terri


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