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Very confusing week........and it's still only Tuesday!

Haven't been on here in ages but thought maybe I could find some wisdom :)

Yesterday morning had ultrasound scan in an attempt to understand why both feet and legs are very, very swollen & more painful than usual. Seemingly nothing interesting showed up..... echocardiogram is next.

Followed by visit to Rheumatologist who informed me I should never have been prescribed Zomorph for my fibro and need weaning off it asap as I'm on 60mg twice a day.

Oh and we're discharging you because there's nothing we can do for fibro.......

Saw my GP who said it'll take a couple of weeks to be off the Zomorph.....really??

She hasn't suggested anything in its place but I'd used the morphine patches previously & they didn't suit me..

So now I'm home & feeling more confused than usual.....

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i was on 80 mg of zomorph twice a day and am slowly coming of it my gp increased gabapentin ashe feels this is better for fibro he also took me off my amitriptline 75 mg as it was making my cfs worse he is a new gp as my old ones didnt know how to treat me and just kept upping doses if something didnt work i still take 100mg of zomorph a day and will continue to come off slowly


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