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what happens after you fill in your esa form

i have filled in my esa form and waiting on them getting back in touch... do u always GET sent for a medical or can you get it with just what u have told them on the form. i am in a fibro flare up, now on my 6th day, think its the worry of all this.... how can a fibro sufferer pass at medical, we look ok, i am really getting myself worked up about all this. anyone able to put my mind at rest i would appreciate it xx

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I have been receiving ESA for the past 4 months and not yet been sent for for a medical .... I am expecting to go for a medical but not sure when. It just means that you have to keep submitting doctors notes or certificates. Try not to worry x



It depends on whether you are being transferred over from Incapacity benefit to ESA in which case they will look at the form and see if they can make a decion based on the material you have submitted. If so you will either be placed in WRAG or Support group. In the meantime you will still be paid the same as before.

If they cannot decide then that's usually when they call you in for a face to face assessemnt, in which case you can be awarded 0 points and they will transfer you over to Job Seekers Allowance in the worst case scenario. If you are already on ESA and waiting to be re-assessed then I am not sure, it may be you will have to send in sick notes from your GP.

Not everyone goes for a medical, it's usually those cases where they need more information. So try and always give them as much info as you can. Good luck.


thank u so much for replying... i am on incapacity and getting moved over to esa.. my fibro is so bad at moment as i am scared i will lose money that like everyone needs to live xx


every case is different and they will go by what info they have, so have medical assessments some don't. if you are unsure of anything, it does no hard in phoning the department that sent out your form. They will tell you at what stage they are at.

Some people has this misconception that if you phone them, they are automatically going to say if you can use a phone you can go to work. That certainly isn the case.

Good luck, hope you hear some positive new soon xx


thank u all so so much for replying... feel a bit more at ease.... so grateful xx


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