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Will I was sent a esa50 form to fill in on the request of I have been on esa for two years in surrport group so all over xmas was in with the stress waiting for out come....

Well this morning got the brown evolope .....I felt sick to my stomock sorry about spelling not my best ,,,,,so open it expecting bad news it was from esa not atos I was still in surrport group and money was going up in april does this mean Ive passed or do you get a reply from astos not sure so can some one let me no thanks

soft and gentle hugs debbie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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You have passed, you only get a letter from the DWP office dealing with your claim, Atos do not contact you other than to arrange a medical if they think you need one. Any other correspondence will be from the DWP. ESA rates are going up in April as they do each year. Hope that helps.


well done, thats one worry sorted out for you.

kind regards...nannyjenno


Hi, I am really sorry to disappoint you but the letter you received was just a standard one stating amount was changing.I too am in the support group and I also received one last week. Hope your new application goes well Debbie xxx


Hubby has just received one of these as well giving the calculations of how his April "increase" in ESA(I) has been calculated (we're £40+ a week less off than with ESA(C) as he has a pension from the Royal Marines).

The DLA ones should be out soon too.


ive also had one saying how i will be getting from april...mine never goes up and it says also xmas bonus £o.00 ive always had one before..


ohhhhhhhhh no so I have to still worry than,,,,,, and did get a appeal letter with it so has every one had this letter than xxxxxxxxxxx


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