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Nice to know somebody cares

Hi all,

Don't know if any of you watched the video of Michael Meacher's opening speech for the great Atos debate last week. I did and was moved to tears that someone was so eloquently fighting for those amongst us who are being so bad affected by current policies. I usually just think these things to myself but suddenly thought I should write and thank him as politicians only ever seem to get bad press and complaints. I emailed and never expected to hear anything back but got this lovely reply which I thought I'd share with my friends here. Not holding my breath that the campaign will work but one lives in hope. Pat x

Dear Patricia

Thank you for your comments .

I think the ATOS debate on Thursday 17 January was very successful with over 30 speakers and went very well, but I want to keep up the momentum. The Government’s case is scarcely defensible and ATOS has run out of any public confidence. Tory MPs present also made those comments and no backbench Tory MP present at the debate defended the current situation.

I am asking for Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for the Department for Work and Pensions, to meet a delegation at which I will present a dossier of all the cases I have built up. I am also hoping for further action in Parliament with perhaps an Opposition Day debate on the issue.

Best regards,

Michael Meacher MP

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Thanks for sharing. Thank God he, at least, is on our side. I watched the video clip and was most impressed by his attitude. It is good to know that someone in authority has some compassion. If I have any energy in the next few days, I may write to him myself. Thank you for taking the trouble to write to him

Keep warm. Love and hugs Saskia XX


Good for You, it's nice to know more about the ATOS situation, many people are questioning the basic rights of the "Infirm" being overshadowed by the "Finance".

When you have worked many years (My oth half and me) tried to get on (Mortgaged Home) nearly been re-possessed when then economy took a nose dive, in the early nineties and (other half) was made redundant.

Managed to scrape by, and now the economy has been down again coming up to 5yrs.

It's a wonder when wages for those still employed have been cut drastically and the bills are probably at their highest including taxation, what future is their for our children?

Let alone the current situation regarding "Financing" people whom through no fault of their own aren't in the position to continue to work.

And how devastating it is to lose the self respect you have for yourself because the system is being used and abused by the many and unused by the few whom are usually in desperate need of support, the genuine latter are the ones that seem to be being made scapegoats for mis-appropriating funds, when the con artists are getting away with it again and again.

These policies need to be changed to help the needy cope, to not make their life a living hell, i wonder if any research has been obtained regarding suicide attempts on these people.

I know for a fact several people whom have had enough and contemplated this and some have tried it, and some that have managed it, a terrible thought but the reality is this shouldn't be happening.

The desperation is wrong and should be addressed on a national level, and the goverment should take this seriously.

Sorry to go on sooo much but i'm just so passionate about it all. Mels.x


Wow! Good on ya, Misty! Just goes to show what one good MP with plenty of public backing can do.

I'm impressed - please let us know if we should write to anyone in support.

Love Moffy x


I also wrote and am yet to hear. I'll send my story in too.




Well done for writing = too many people moan and do nothing. I get shocked at the friends I have who are turned down when they really are very disabled with this horrid disease.


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