Your Medical Records to be shared with anyone

Ib recent guardian an article which says our medical info will be shared with anyone including companies.

The usual idiot trolls on the thread said why not as it helps insurance companies

How thoughtful..

Itt coyld mean pharmaceutical companies of course.

Someone posted a link on the thread which led to a website and documebtvwhich stated that privacy will be maintained and its about improving the quality of care..i think there might ve ab opt out...

However upon further scrutiny i foubd a familiar name appear in connection with organisatin in charge of all this. I am sure it will familiar to you all. It is ATOS..

Yes that's right ATOS have some connection with this fact ATOS run govt gateway and the IT system to dibwith NHS 24 or direct or whatever its called...Now how confident do you feel about that given that Atos healthcare find really unwell people fit for work when its obvious that they are sick

So what's going on here ?

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    Funnily enough, I had just been reading the article to which you refer.

  • Yes it goes like that. I posted a link to a site which shows Atos involvement I posted it on CIF thread perhaps you will find it

  • Possibly but finding that Atos is connected does not instill confidence in me one bit....we are told many things of which we don't know which is true plus lets face it the minister [Edited by Admin] [Politician removed as per guidelines]is hardly a fan of the NHS.

  • Atos clouding my judgement ? What that nice lovable company that cares for us so much ? Atos seem to be everywhere .Govt gateway NHS direct Universal Credit ..who keeps approving them ? Given their appaling track record ?

  • Did you even read the article Sian.

    "If an application is approved then firms will have to pay to extract this information, which will be scrubbed of some personal identifiers but not enough to make the information completely anonymous – a process known as "pseudonymisation".

    They are including your NHS number, that alone is enough to identify who you are. Atos and car insurance companies are not going to pay good money for access to random medical notes that could belong to anyone. What has car insurance companies and Atos got to do with medical science anyway?

    There's one born every minute eh. :)

  • you should soon be getting a leaflet about this we already have ours I just rescued it from recycling.having another quick look through it .it is more or less as alresdy been discused.It does not however mention atos but that does not mean that they are not invoved It does say that if you do not want your information used you can tell your dr who will then make a note on your files that will stop them from being used.Sue

  • Maryrose54..So everyone who reads the "not to be used" note on your file will stop reading at that point? I think not. ;)

  • I`m not arguing with any one I have simple stated what the leaflet says. Sue

  • I am not arguing either, all NHS medical records will be held on one database. I am just curious to know where they will store peoples records who object to them being sold to private companies.

  • For more info www.nhs. uk/caredata....look for nhs choices.....Love your hitler cat.. hate hitler...sue

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  • I think that is what is concerning everyone who will have access to our records eg pharmaceuticals and insurance firms ..thats why I posted the stuff about Atos being connected to the organisation in charge of these policies

  • There has to be a money making aspect to this. Anyone with an illness will see their car insurance premiums going up. And with companies like Atos involved, you can bet your life it will have something to do with making it more difficult to get ESA.


  • I don't know the level of Atos but they are in charge of most of the IT systems connected to govt departments including universal credit and NHS and if our records agre online then who is going to benefit from it and who will be selling it if Atos will claim its there's's not the first time this came up as they claimed they owned the WCA tests

  • If Atos own the equipment and are paid to sort out the data when problems arise will they claim the data thats on their system..think about that even if the system has been paid for if Atos are meant to fix problems then ...could they claim they own that data..

  • I am more concerned about what Atos will use the data for rather than who claims onership.

    Will they alter records to fit their assessments.

  • Dr Who is involved now ? How did that happen?

  • I did a bit of digging on their website and found a number of references to Atos

  • Hi i found out about this last year. That companys can buy our medicial records for resurch . You must put it in writting to your gp that you dont want this . not just for ur self but each member of ur family .. you must put name d o b nhs number and ur statment sign it and make sure u hand it to the manger of surgry not the gp its self pls do this a s p dont wait for any forms that come with mail some people have thought it junk mail and throwen it away everyone write your own letter and hand it in u must do one for each member of family . Not all in one letter because each letter goes to they own medcial records and a flag should show on gps screen .

  • Hi bobchewie

    I had read about this and I must admit that I am more than a little apprehensive. If they do exactly what they say then it shouldn't matter one single iota. However, back on planet earth whereby reality and our insight into all things untrustworthy, we realise that it never works this way!

    Hope you are as well as can be


  • I wish I was ok Ken but it looks like someone has a campaign of hatred against me now..its not on just one website either ...

  • By the way every one I made another post called " clause 118," its about hospital closures ..I hope you all read it....

  • What can we actually do to protect ourselves, our information, our legal copy right.

    Surely we have the right to protect ourselves from the mass intrusions that could,


    will happen in the future.

    We are lost before we start.


  • I know it takes a bit of getting used to Gins, we have entered an era where privacy is something only the rich and powerful can afford. I think cats and dogs medical records are safe for the moment, a good ruse would be to change your name to Tiddles or Rover. :)

  • There are supposed to be strict guidelines who had access. Have you had an opt out form so that your record are not computerised

  • My local surgery told everyone last Sept or Oct that they were putting all patients medical records on computer, that's all we were told. I thought it was just my local surgery that was doing this for their own convenience. There was no mention of creating a national database or opt out forms.

  • For more info visit nhs choices at have copied this from the leaflet. I hope it helps it has a lot more info than the leaflet sue

  • I had a letter so I could opt out. Might be worth asking the receptionist when you go in. At one point there was a form you could down load

  • I will certainly make a point of asking about this the next time I visit my GP, all they done was put a notice up in the surgery saying they were changing their filing system and there might be some delays accessing patients records, they withheld crucial information, no doubt to stop people like me objecting.

  • I work for the NHS. They attempted to do this a few years ago and it cost millions and never got going. I am not sure if this is going to be local or a national data base. If it is only local I can't see the point

  • National without a doubt, all GP's use computers now, it will be one big network.

  • That's ok until they crash

  • Hello all. I seem to have become the target of someones hatred and mockery of late ..I've reported it to the authorities but its still

    continuing its not jjus on one website either. Someone has it in for me thats for sure...

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