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Hi all I am a new member

I have been reading some of your posts and while I feel sad that there are so many fibromyalgia sufferers out there, the positive is I don't feel so alone. Its so frustrating that so many people think your not genuine, especially the DWP. I have had fibromyalgia for 24 years and have progressively got worse. I recently migrated from Incapacity benefit to ESA supported and so I wanted to share something with all those who are struggling with ATOS or the DWP benefitsandwork.co.uk is a fantastic website with loads of help and info, subscription is cheap and I found it was worth every penny. In addition they have info about the ATOS demo on the 19th of Feb. You can also get info about this nation wide protest taking place outside ATOS assessment centers by googling ATOS demo or by checking out the DPAC disabled people against the cuts site. We need to support them according to the ATOS demo facebook page 10,600 people died between Jan and Nov 2011 that ATOS deemed fit for work!

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welcome. You have found a very supportive community here as I am see you have already noted from reading the posts. Hopefully knowing you are with people who truly understand what it is like to have Fibromyalgia, you will not feel alone.




Thanks Jilly


Hello and Welcome to our excellent site. I am so please you no longer feel alone hat is one thing we deal with very quickly. There are a lot of really cool people on this site who all know and understand where you are coming from.

The site offers us the opportunity to find out tips from each other, nothing quite like it.

Thanks for your share it is good news for us.

Looking forward to more posts from yourself

Take care



Thanks for the warm welcome


hi there welcome in everyone is so sensitively compassionate and yet encouraging xx


I'll second that - sixth that. . . this is the best forum on HealthUnlocked by a loooong way. Because we share and care and, yes, really do know what you are going through. Everyone's different but whatever the issue there's someone out there/ out here with a similar experience :D

ps and lots of knowledge. these changes in the benefit system don't help at all.


Hi hajer, and welcome to what I consider to be probably the very best possible forum on the web for support for fibro. There are so many people her with a real depth of knowledge and very willing to help when ever they can, and we do try to have a bit of fun here and there to try and take our minds off the rubbish fibro throws at us all.

There is a veritable wealth of information if you click on the butterfly in the top right hand corner of the screen, it will answer lots of questions you might have.

I have used the website you mentioned for quite a while and the info was good.

I hope you settle in here and join in with all that goes on :-)

Foggy x


Hi Hajer

Welcome to the site and I sincerely hope that you find it as useful as I do. From reading your post it sounds like you have suffered a while with this illness? I think that everyone on the forum can relate to what you have gone through. I am really looking forward to bumping into you around the site.

Take care



Hi Hajer!

Welcome to the forum, I'm new too and I can confirm there is much love & support on here:)

I've been ill for long time too and wish this had been available back in the day!

Look forward to reading your posts:)

Take care,

Sign xxxx


Hi Hajar welcome to our caring sharing laughter fibro club, you couldn't have picked a better site to join, I also wish that this sort of information was available when i was younger, I've had fibro for over 50 yrs , firstly diagnosed as muscular rheumatism , and life would have been a lot easier to live with if there had been such things as pc's in those days, but fortunately I found this site last year and it has helped me tremendously, the volunteers are great also mdaisy (Emma) , we are all here for one another, so welcome and look forward to reading more posts from you ....gentle hug...Dee xx


Hi hajar :)

Welcome to the forum you have come to the right place, where we are all alike. Hope you'll have a mooch round our Mother site too fibroaction.org where there is a wealth of information regarding firomyalgia as well as all of us here, we're quite a friendly bunch that like to care and share.

If you need answers about, doctors or even medicines, alternative medicines there are sections on the fibroaction site if you hit the link above. You'll also find sections about all the categories that are there on the right of the screen which is where you can browse through peoples posts.

The creative corner and comedy corner are quite popular and occasionally we may have a fibro fun and frolic day where we can 'virtually' go anywhere its amazing where we can take our imaginations ;)

Where should we go next? ............. I'm wondering :o

Is there somewhere you'd like to go to escape the fibro monsters?

However, we do have our serious sides too and are here to help and support if we can. Thankyou for the info and sharing with us :)

We all like to blow off steam whether its with a moan or a giggle so please don't be afraid to join in :)

Looking forward to seeing you around and thankyou for the link :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Welcome :-) x


So good to see another advocate for benefitsandwork.co.uk. I've been a member for a few years now and am always amazed at the quality of all the new support booklets they come out with in such a short time after changes in the benefits regulations.

On the subject of ESA, I was a tad worried about forthcoming assessments then felt let down when I was told by DWP that I was too incapacitated to ever work again! I think I was looking forward to a fight with them - to relieve the bore sitting at home all day.


hello to you all on this site im glo100 I suffer fibromyalgia which started 2 years ago its very frustrating knownin that u want to do things and u cnt even the smalliest of jobs is imposable it started in my legs knees first then spread to arms now hands and feet I myself have applied for dwp just finishing filling in the forms to send off well my son is writing it f me and we are struggling to so we are going to go on that site you reconpended as I am new to here hope you and others will reply we all need some one to keep us going take care glo100.


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