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Got a job :)

Yeah got a job. So money is tight and needs must so got a part time job housekeeping at a holiday resort twice a week, i start on the 28th.

I am going to be shattered but it will be worth it. As it stands at the moment we get help from the council for our rent not much but it helps but if Paul get's a pay rise or a bonus it is taken by them therefore we never get forward financially so we talked at length and decided a job is what is needed not only for money but my mental health. Paul is aware he will have to take over the housework for a few months till my body gets accustomed.

So wish me luck xxxx

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Well done Rachie! What a good start to your New Year!

Wishing you all the best with your new job, your hubby sounds lovely and I am sure he will help you with the domestics.

Let us know how you get on please, we do care about you!

(((hug))) xxx


A excellent step forward just take it steady dont put yourself back.

Take care


Well done nice start to the new year take care

love beth x

Well done you. Remember there are companies out there using home workers, so if you have a computer and can do typing, admin, customer services, telemarketing, market research or accounts then consider working from home. It is so much easier to manage when you have flare ups or are exhausted.

Hi I was just wondering if you are working for one of thease company's if so can you give me some details. I would love some extra cash and would also love to work from home. Any help given is greatly received.

Thank you

From Sarah.

Hi Sarah

I have worked from home for the past 5 years now. I set up my own website to promote homeworking, but I will give a brief overview of companies I have worked for and some I know about.

Arise Virtual Solutions - I worked for Arise for 3 years when they first came to the UK in 2008. They only contract with Ltd companies so you have to either set up your own Ltd company or contract through another provider (which is what I did). This is a brilliant opportunity if you want structured weekly earnings as you have to contract to a minimum of 20 hours per week.

Arise have the contract for Shop Direct, which is the major catalogues. The training is intense (8 weeks), but all done from home. They now charge for all training on any opportunities that they have. I think they now have a total of 4 other contracts in the UK and are expecting more to come on this year.

Sensee - I worked for this company doing overflow work. I dealt with the emergency calls when they had the fire on the Eurostar and also did some product call back campaigns where you basically take calls from consumers regarding faulty products. Sensee have the call centre contract for Argos & Homebase.

Callcatcherz - I worked for this company. They are majorly contracted with Arise and I worked with Arise via them instead of creating my own Ltd company. They also take on other projects and overflow work from other contact centres.

360 CRM - This company employ home based operators who contact patients to confirm their hospital appointments.

RNIB - They use home based telephone fundraisers. They are currently recruiting. Here is the link

Foxy Communications - This company employ home based operators for a variety of roles, customer services, market research, telemarketing.

What Users Do - This is an online marketing company who send you test which you have to complete. The test is basically visiting a clients website and recording you visit. They may send you a brief, for example you need to buy a washing machine and have to do a comparison of three. You start the recorder onscreen and speak everything you are seeing and doing. They pay £8 per test, and each last about 20 minutes.

The tests are sent by email and are on a first come first basis. I still do these occasionally, the most I have made in one month doing this was £320, but there is no guarantee of tests being sent or the frequency.

Virtual Model Office - They employ home based operatives for inbound & outbound sales.

Please remember that most of these companies will offer you work on a self employed basis.

I hope this helps


Thanks Sharon this has been really helpfull the only problem I see with all those is the having to have a ltd company and I hate talking on the phone to anyone I don't even phone my family unless I have to I know it sounds bad but I just don't seem to have the patients for it non of them seem to understand fibro apart from my dad and he lives in Spain mind you he phones me almost every day.

Sorry about the moan but thanks for your help.

From Sarah.

So pleased for you. Wish I could, climbing the walls. Until the ice melts I dare not go anywhere. I'm sure that mentally it will be good for you, and hopefully that will have a positive knock-on effect physically! It's good your OH is supportive too. Good luck. xx :)

Hey Rachie i'm happy for you,it doesn't do anyone good to stay at home doing nothing.Unfortunately i had to stop work,it doesn't matter what i do i suffer badly after,i would love to get a job of some description.I had a really well paid job, have done since leaving School almost.I know my limits,i'm dreading what happens with Benefits,it's in the papers again today,i am happy for you,it will bring back a lot of self esteem too,be careful though don't fool yourself into doing something too physically tasking or mentally.good luck jacksiex

Well done you. Like you said when on benefits any extra money is only taken from your benefit. So at least any extra money you or your other half gets will be yours. Then there is that feel good factor as well. Yes you will ache and hurt but it is because you have done something and not just in pain for doing very little.

If someone told me four years ago that I would be in full time work now I would have said "No way my working days are over" but four years on I am working full time work and working nights caring for the elderly. I also do some maintenance work in the same home. I really enjoy my work. I started doing one 6hr shift per week which soon went to four 6hr shifts per week, then I started doing one night per week and now work at least 3 nights per week. Yes I ache at times but I make sure I rest. I now have a meaning to my life where as before I was just living day to day taking meds and doing very little.

Best wishes and I hope it all works out for you.


Well done

Really pleased for you


Congratulations hope it goes well x

Good for you, Rachie - just make sure you give yourself time to get accustomed to it, but I'm sure you'll be fine! :) xx

Well done. My daughter is in more or less the same situation. She has to do so much to pay the bills and anything extra is a bonus. She helps with stocktaking so is much in demand at the moment. She does a large area from Barnstaple to Kent and lives in Surrey. All the best with your new job.

Well done, it sounds as if you are starting off with something manageable, take it easy when you are at home and get lots of rest. Good luck with it.

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