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How long is a flare up?

I know this is like asking how long is a piece of string, ha ha, but I'm trying to be hopeful! So, tell me, what's the shortest flare up you've ever had. Started on Saturday so I'm hoping I can rest my way out of it today to get to work on Tuesday...... Anyone got any clever techniques to stop a flare up? Or once is starts am I stuck with it til it burns itself out? I was so well over the Christmas holidays. Always get a bit complacent then and think maybe it's gone away! Beeping awful illness!

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Morning Apple4me, I haven't see you on here before, .if you are new "welcome" ...I think it largely depends on each individual, mine seem to be getting longer each time, mind you I have had it for over 50yrs so maybe I deserve it to get longer LOL , I think maybe if you give into it and rest it could be shorter, but I never was the best for taking my own advice, hope u feel better soon, just rest and look forward to some time off work, ....sending you a handful of sunshine and a healing hug....Dee x

I just wanted to tell you that since joining this site, (diagnosed on 27.12.13) I look forward to reading anything you have written!! Always positive and cheery, with good advise for everyone!! Thank you.. X

The thank you!! Was for cookie72!...xx

Thank you so much ninjanna, it's nice to know that you are helping someone else isn't it, how are you today, you should listen to your mum, mum's are always right, lol, seriously tho time and sleep are good healers, ... You take care, this is a bummer desease and all we can do is rest and pace ourselves and learn to live with it I guess....sending you a hug and a handful of sunshine ....Dee xx

Hi Dee. I have been on here for a while but I only just put my mugshot up, so maybe that's why you don't recognise me! Feeling cheerful just because I do have the chance to rest at home today. Will do a bit of tidying up but mostly lying in bed, reading or watching BBC iplayer (Sherlock Homes is on!!!! Whoopeedoo!). I think I'll be OK for work tomorrow, though I will ask my hubby to drop me off instead of my usual cycle to work. By the way I agree with ninjananna below. You are always wonderfully positive. Sometimes fibro folk are (perhaps understandably) negative. I'm not that keen on fibro groups for that reason. It is good to hear a positive voice. I guess that's how you've survived 50 years with this!

My flares normally start after I have overdone things! Went to a boxing day party for four hours and then spent four days in bed!! I force myself to rest now and take my meds every four hours! My Mum(ex-nurse) is forever telling me that sleep is the body's natural way of healing. Much love. X

Thanks ninjananna. Your mum is right I think! Feeling cheerful because I can rest today :)

hi apple4me,a flare up can last any amount of time.the shortest bad flares i get now last a couple of days onwards but i went undiagnosed for years & didin't no what the hell was going on with me it got to the stage that i couldn't do 2 days work off the trot i was always on the go tho then i just didn't want to give in to it.but i had to a few yrs ago,now i find keeping up with meds is a must or do i know it! a hot water bottle helps for legs &back & i just got a shoulder pad that you heat in microwave it helps a bit.so good luck & i hope yr flare goes soon :) xx

Thanks Bluebell. I am feeling hopeful. A couple of days would be brilliant! I'd rather not have to go off sick from work. I only work 2 mornings a week since fibro (almost 2 years now but only diagnosed for 1). I just decided that stress of work was making me worse and picked a number that I thought I could manage = 8 hours. So I do Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I find that manageable. I mostly need to rest on Wednesday anyway. Feel better already today than I did yesterday. Just need to take it easy for a while. By the way, I have an electric heat pad for my neck and back. I'd recommend it. I've seen a similar one at abilitysuperstore.com/index...{keyword}&fl=1000&ci=27378108817&network=pla&gclid=CPn1rfjA-7sCFSj3wgod9E0AfA

hi appleme 2 mornings is not too bad is it,depending on the job. the thing with my job was i did bar work & waitressing so it got to the stage where i was forgetting who i was serving or what they had ordered i was also losing my balance & obviously people thought i was drunk,! i dropped thing too lol, i fell over once i went out to collect glasses my legs just gave way i made fun of myself but i was worried i was on my feet all the time theres no way in the world i could go back to it,i do miss it tho,even the company & listening to ppl 's problems p.s thanx for the heatpad advice i will definately look into getting one :) x

Hi Bluebell. I guess pretty much every job is hard with fibro. Mine is desk-based and I think my poor posture at the computer is a contributor to my neck and shoulder pain. I also find that it makes me focus on the pain, whereas if I'm doing something more active then I can be distracted and forget about the pain for a while. Anyway, I'm really glad to be only doing 2 mornings a week. I also help out on a Friday at a Seniors coffee morning at our church and I love that. If I'm feeling really sore then they will look after me!

aw that heat pad looks lovely il have to save up for one thanks xx

My dad had a heat pad for his back and it was wonderful BUT one evening he left it plugged in and switched on and had a really serious house fire. So enjoy but don't forget to switch it off x

Yikes! Thanks for that warning, My husband is always annoyed with me for leaving things on or plugged in. Our neighbour over the road has a house fire a few months ago and are living in a rented house until it's fixed. Thankfully no one was hurt but it's a massive upheaval to their lives. I should be better than I am!

Hi there,I've had fibro for 9 years now and the shortest flare I've had is around a few days but I've also had some that lasted for months.The best advice I can give is keep up with your meds,lots of rest,some gentle stretches,and try not to do that much.I find my electric heat pad wonderful and wheat bags that heat up in the microwave are good as well.I also use 4head stick for the migraines and headaches and it helps to apply it to the neck area as well.Hope this helps and you get over your flare soon.Iam also in awe of anyone who can work with this condition! Xxx

Hi Haribo. Yes, I agree my electric heat pad is brilliant. I've just recommended to Bluebell that she get one. I am doing very little today. Not going out. Cleaned my kitchen and did the dishes, cooked for when my kids and husband get home, but other than that I'm just sitting / lying about reading / watching TV. I only work 2 mornings a week but it's really really annoying to have to call off sick. Feel like I'm letting them down and whingeing and being a pain in the butt! So I'll try to drag myself to work tomorrow somehow! It is not easy to work with this condition as you say. I think in an ideal world I would give up altogether......

Yes I understand,I only used to work part time but they were two-three long days and it got to the point where I couldn't manage no more and I was the only breadwinner so it was tough! But I forced myself to work for the sake of money which I shouldn't have done as your health comes first! Xxx

Hi I had a flare up on Sunday rested and had a sleep took some ibuprofen feel a bit better today.

Great Libbylou! Unfortunately mine started on Saturday and it's still going on Wednesday, though it's not getting worse and I am managing to get important stuff done!

Don't over do it, I always end up doing too much. X

I know exactly what you mean! Will try x

Not sure about 'shouldn't'. You probably did what felt right at the time. I'm fortunate that my husband works and is willing to support me, although we do need my part-time salary. Reducing to only 8 hours / week was a hard decision to take at the time, particularly as I was working towards promotion and that's no longer a possibility, but it was the best decision. I have time to rest and be at home with my kids and see my family and cook and shop and get exercise. Absolutely agree that health must come first! Only realised it after fibro hit me. In a way I'm glad it did because I was working myself into an early grave. I really believe that. Not to mention making my life miserable and my marriage difficult! We get on much better now that I'm home more!

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