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i put my moon boots on the other morning that were so comfy and warm to walk the doggy as it was raining and they had a hole in them so took them back today and they had nonne left so got brand new pair patent black wellies they look like really posh boots lol

i want it to rain now so i can go try them out in the pudlles lol

love toy you diddle x

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Lol if it rains i know to blame you hahaha. Hows your car getting on ? hug & love to you hunni. helen xx

mot sat afternoon but he cleans all break pipes up before it goes in he at work thurs/fri and if raining sat wont be able to do it so had to do it today thinks it will fail though so ee what happens sat love ya diddle x

My wellies are bright pink with butterflies on - childrens range from Tesco lol.

Maisie triplet came down the other day and saw them in the utility room and wanted to know if they were belonging to her cos they look so small, she is 4 years old!. Maxwell triplet also wanted to know if my white trainers were his as he had just had new ones.

Now you probably have an impression of me being a midget with small feet haha. xx

Mine are striped like seaside rock with ME runninng through me!!!! Lol

Hugs to all , Sue x x x x

I just got a black pair with a studded band round the top.Rock chik style!! Who'da thought wellies would be fashionable??!!!! Susie, I love your comment.made me laugh!!

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