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I am popping to my parents in a bit as they have bought me a genuine BAKEWELL PUDDING all the way from Bakewell Derbyshire so am going to get it and yeah you guessed it probably eat most of it before the day is out yummy yummy

But i have got to share it with my daughter as she likes Bakewell tart too

i am glad they got me one as i need fattening up as been worried this week an d when i worry i dont eat much and what i do eat gets eaten away with nervous so have lost weight which at 7 and a half stone if that i can do without

i will let you know when ihave eaten it all lol and believe me it will be today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love diddle xxx

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Mmmm delicious! If got cherries on though you can keep.

You have to sh sh shaare diddles tuts hehe .

Lovely cup of tea and Bake well pudding on Sunday :-) xxx

You enjoy it


oh i hate the cherries but pull them off in 1 second flat dont you worry iwill eat it lol and yes share it :( bless my daughter i dont mind sharing it with her

cant wait to get round there to get it lol love diddle xxxx

yummmy jill.enjoy and let us no if its better than shop ones.x

Lol Diddle am glad i not the only one!! The thought of cherries!

You better get skates on lady and whizz to get it.

Will you save until after sunday dinner ( thats if your having one)

We sometimes go out as hubby cooks every wk, so give him a break now and then hehe xxxxx

You enjoy!

Cazzie -caroline whichever you prefer x

You lucky lady, Diddle, to have your cake and be able to eat it!

I made a banana, sultana and walnut cake yesterday, and my daughter, who means well, said that I really should start having a responsible attitude about my blood cholesterol, and that I wasn't to have any!

"Take it away, then" I said "and give it to your starving work colleagues".

So she did!

She came back later with some flowers and the most beautiful fruit salad which she had made for me. Somehow I didn't miss the cake so much then!

oh how yummy i love cakes like that but i also like friut salsd too my nanny used to make a wicked friut sald i used to eat soo much of it especially whrn i was pregnant lol

but then she also used to make the most beautiful buns ansd i used to eat the whole 12 in one sitting but typicval nanny didnt care a bit just mademore

oh i wish i could have her back to make those buns again i can make them but never like hers

love diddle xxx

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