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not been on for sooo long

but just had to say i am pissed

got leter of doctortoday


and get what now they are saying i may have ocpd

just wat i need NOT .

and have stoped smoking .

and this

i am having trubel with my wait have dubeld in 2 years

and now this just pissed

ok end of rant

THANK YOU so much for just beeing there

soft hugs

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Hi what's ocpd ,, sorry I need it uncoded am a bit of a newie,, x


maybe it should read COPD


Hi Kath

from what you say the part that jumps out is MAY have.

You have stopped smoking which is one of the hardest things to do , so you are doing brilliantly .

Weight gain is fairly common after giving up

You say you have gained weight.In my world that is getting cuddlier

Please take heart you can only do 1 thing at a time

small steps to achieve the end goal

Did you mean copd ? my Dad had that

you say you are " pised " do you mean fed up or have you been hitting the (cola) bottle ?

Take care . message me if you want to xx


Hi Kath

I totaly copy iris in every way could not of put better.

I am a little roly poly oly at minute as Lyrica is my weighty mate near 2 stone! Since 2011 so i am looking a stone a year scratching my head thinks maybe if i chip the pill in half if will start reducing.

I smoke i drink nothing new there tho p/t in both ppl wander why i bother.

You have achieved such a massive step giving up the big Smoking as that takes some doing!!

Blimey i only do it p/t and am finding it very difficult .

I keep thinking ohh just one more i will give up next week! I dont even have an addictive nature i get bored easy! So how am still with hubby, drinking wine and smoking i dont know.

It will all eventually in time start falling into place and you will get through it.

Just takes time .

As they say Rome wasn't built in a day.

We are here to give cuddles xxxx


Hi peeps I'm confused what is ocpd someone please tell me or is it cope can someone enlighten me please please please it given me an headache. Sithy


used to be called emphysema, lung condition, really not very nice at all. xx


HiSthandra it means Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Think it was meant to show as COPD. It causes difficulty breathing and I think mostly affects smokers. I have fibro and a lot more, and was diagnosed a few years ago with COPD. but after further tests it was actually my muscles and arteries around ribcage/heart that were going into spasm and causing me to be really breathless, causing the same affect. I take the spray for COPD, as it relives the spasms.So hopefully fingers crossed may not be COPD, but spasms.


This is definitely the place to come for a rant. So sorry you're having such a tough time. Please do take care, hope things settle down. xx


That was supposed to be copd not cope. I get confused whenever people talk in code about illnesses, I know its easier than writing it out in full but I am left wondering what people mean, maybe I'm just dense as in thick that's what my teachers used to tell my mum because it always took me so long to write out whatever class work ihad, it was because my hands, wrists and arms hurt so much, it didn't help when one teacher used to delight in smashin my hands with the edge of a ruler, anyway can someone please enlighten this poor confused person that is me ta , big gentle hugs all-round. Sithy


Emphysema my mum had that then she got lung cancer, she will have been gone 3 years on Feb 21st.

Thankyou for enlightening me most appreciated tulips, I also stopped smoking but that was about 16 years ago, cold turkey as they say not easy, my girls were still fairly small then my youngest was 5 I think and I was crabby as hell, but it does get better Kath big gentle hugs all-round. Sithy


I don't think it Emphysema but it can turn into Emphysema if you dont give up smoking my sister has got it and still smoking Yes it is very hard for some people to stop smoking yet some people do it without any problems but you will find you will take a lot of chest infections with it as my sister does I still smoke and wish I could stop hope you feel better soon we have all got so much pressure in our lifes with what we have got. Hope things improve for you soon


I know you mean COPD after reading your blog and I really feel for you. I have it myself and I just put it on the list of 'something else wrong with me'. I have got over the shock, although not sure why I call it a shock considering I am a smoker. But I am a smoker who has drastically cut back with a view to quitting. If you have had a letter maybe you will be sent to for some breathing tests to see how bad it is. I wish you luck and love xxxxx


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