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tired of this fibromyalgia


I am really tired and pissed off this

I am not able to sleep well, maximum 3-4 hours sleep, whole body is in pain, cant sit long, cant walk long, running is like a impossible mission for me, always headache, cant play with my kids

life is like a hell to be honest!

Its like a mission for me to work in the office, cant talk to anyone coz of the weakness

Only Hot Bath helped me for few minutes

Please help me to ease my pain! i am 35 years old Male

every single part in my body is in pain, sadly to say that i am not enjoying married life

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I'm really sorry you feel like this. The only thing that helps my pain is rest and daily Yoga (gentle stretching) I do about 15 mins a day as overdoing it causes more pain x



Welcome, sorry to read your post as it must be so difficult to have this illness, try to keep a job and have the responsibility of being married and rearing children. I can imagine it is very hard to be juggling all these balls and be having so little sleep as well.

Unfortunately, you don't say what medication if any you are on so it is difficult to say if there is anything we could suggest discussing with your doctor that you aren't already on. Unfortunatley, sometimes the medication can cause headaches even though this can be part of fibro too. I was put on Tramadol that I actually felt was helping the pain but within a few days developed a headache that was with me 24/7 so I had to come off that particular drug.

You do mention that a hot bath does relieve the pain for a bit. Many of us are the same and find added help by throwing in several handfuls of Epsom salts as it really helps to soothe the aches and pains and also the magnesium in it is absorbed by the skin and can help with things if this is something you are a bit deficient in. Have you been tested for lack of Vitamin D as many have found that they a very deficient even though outwardly they have shown no symptoms and when this has been topped up it has helped with the feelings of extreme fatigue.

Try not to sit on hard chairs as that makes the pain worse and do get up and walk about every 15 minutes or so as sitting in the same position for any length of time can make the muscle and joint pain worse. if you have any particular areas of your body that are extremely painful the application of heat and then cold alternated sometimes helps.

You will have to somehow learn to pace yourself as getting overtired makes the pain worse so I think running is certainly out until you get some kind of balance with your condition but stretching and gentle exercise is definately a help if you can do it.

Have you looked on the mother site FibroAction as there is really good information on medications, etc and things that might help. Do come back and ask any specific questions you need to as there is normally someone out there who can help.x

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Have you any meds ?

There are a variety of options. Not all GPs are up to speed with Fibro.

If you have meds, as time goes on check out that any persistent pain always in one area, is NOT to do with a problem a bit disguised by pain meds, even if they do not seem to help much.

Tense muscles do not help. In my area my GP has been able to give me NHS referral for Chiropractic sessions no charge.


Electric blankets/throws help as do heating pads and pernaton gel for muscle rubs. Rest as much as you can but do get up and move around though. As I have been find out Fibro patients commonly have Vitamin D deficiency which also makes pain worse


Sorry to read you are having so much pain. It is difficult and with kids garde again. I found the best thing for me was Amitriptylene as it has helped me sleep. I now get roughly 8 hours sometimes more of sleep a night. Personally I think sleep can help you cope with the pain easier the next day. I still feel tired but not to the degree I did.

I hope you can find something that works for you, what helps me may not help you :)


Hi masimk

I am so sorry to read that you are struggling and suffering so much, and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to your pain. I would definitely discuss your situation with your GP or Medical Specialist to see what medication / tweaks to your medication they can afford you to help alleviate these issues.

I have pasted you a link below to our mother site, FibroAction which hosts loads of useful Fibro information that you may find useful:

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with finding the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Sorry to hear how you are feeling . You don't say if you are newly diagnosed or you are like some of us if not then most of us on here have felt like this many a time ... I'm Not married and have chosen to stay single cos I can't handle the thought of a relationship and putting someone through all my ups and downs .... But I hope you find some comfort from the site and people's advice .. Big hugs x


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