Work Capability assessment forms ??

Just when you think its all over, i have just recieved a Work Capability form to fill in, now i had my assessment last year, i was put in the wrag, when my condition worsened recently i informed the DWP, and now i have this form grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, i guess now they want to re-assess if i am still capabale of working, well if i wasnt before , i am not going to be now ,,,am i,,,,fed up with all this now but i guess i will fill in the form and wait, hope you are all having a good day and enjoying the sunshine xx

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  • It's springtime at DWP I'm afraid, xx

  • Lol i guess so xx

  • With ESA the WRAG group ends after one year it was supposed that only people that would recover, such as from a broken limb that would repair and no longer hinder the ability for work. Unfortunately not all cases with chronic illness were placed in the Support Group, prompting questions from major health charities about the recovery the DWP were expecting as benefit payments end after 365 days in the WRAG.

  • That's a far more sensible answer than mine xx

  • Sensible and DWP let me think about that :D

  • Thank you Ian, Dont think its quite a year since they sorted things out but i did report a change in my health so i guess thats what its about, i just hope i dont have to go through the assessment again x

  • Use the change in your health review as an opportunity for moving into the support group if another assessment is proposed at least it would be worth the effort then.

  • When i rang them after the last Dr's report , the lady told me to write in and ask to be put in the support group, however, what i have had is this new capability form, so maybe that is the way forward now, ive filled it in with all the extras, so lets see what happens next, this Government really want us to fight for our money, wouldnt mind if i had never worked but have hardly been out of work since the age of 15, even when i was having my children i worked right up to a week before and went straight ack after, no maternity leave for me, i should be retired now but oh no , they have added 6 years, so its work till you die with them !!!!

  • Does have a feel of the Victorian work house about the policies the DWP implement but we are where we are. I am aiming for a long life that will spite them :P

  • Hello Ian123, I have been in the WRAG group for the last 3 years, and they keep quoting some unknown figures for the DLA payments I get, and they are wrong yet again, for the 3rd year running. Maybe a letter is due to be sent, Mind you I only get £2.53 ppw paid fortnightly in arreears?!?!? for now ttfn from Karen..

  • The largest part of benefit spending is on those in work, enabling subsistence pay and zero hours contracts. Someone I know gets 70p a week for all the form filling and interrogations not a great incentive for keeping working all the hours your able.

  • Yes unfortunately they do keep checking up whether anything has changed but that can be a good thing if you have got worse as sometimes we are all guilty of just accepting what we have because we are frightened that if we contact them they might go the other way and take it off us. In your case having told them that your condition has got worse will have prompted them to send you a form because they class it as a "Change in circumstances. "

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you that you are put in the Support Group as it sounds as though that is where you should have been in the first place. Let us know how you get

  • Yes i think you are right , i called them to tell them what the Doctor had said and then wrote in too, so i guess thats what it is for , thank you Rosewine x

  • Ask someone close to you to help with the form. It is my experience that life as we experience it has become our own 'normal' and we overlook adaptations we have made to struggle on. This means we under represent the impact of our illness. My brother has different disabilities and has had exactly the same experience; he was placed in the group expected to find work which was impossible. He informed DWP that things had deteriorated and we had to make a trek into London for re-assessment. Whilst each case is judged on it's own merits not only was he placed into the support group, but the payments taken from him at the preceding assessment were backdated. Be honest and be positive, I think the approach to the disabled is changing. Good Luck.

  • Thank you Oldncreaky, love the name lol, ive done the form and have to return it by the 6th April, so doesnt look like they will be rushing into anything , ive told them my GP will give them any evidence they need, so lets see what happens next, ive been to a few of these work focused interviews and in one, a young girl asked me, what time of work i was looking for, i said, well, after working for 45 years, im not really looking to go back to work, (ive been out 18 months), dont think she expected than answer and since sending in my cv i havent heard anything else, they only wanted the last ten years ha ha .

  • I just want to wish you all the best of luck.

    Good luck


  • I have received the same form and don't know why!!! Was in WRAG then that finished and was told I wasn't fit to work but not ill enough for support group.Confused.x

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