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Why do bad days have to be so bad!!!

I knew the day was coming for a bad flare up. I had an ok week last week and an ok week is always followed by a bad week :-(

Yesterday was the start of it, no more pain than normal but so tired I spent the whole day on the sofa just wanting to sleep (couldnt do this as my daughter was here)

Woke up at 4am with extreme pain in my back and didnt really get back to sleep after that, just short naps before the pain woke me up again. Took me 30 mins to do the 15 min walk to school meaning my daughter and her friend were late, then took me 15 mins to walk the 5-7 min walk back to the bus station. Had to spend the day sitting on my friends sofa as my tablets made me feel a bit funny so didnt want to be on my own. Had to send someone else to pick my daughter up from school as i just couldnt manage the walk to the school and back. All of this on top of having my first night back in college tonight.

Working tomorrow which just depresses me as i am still having trouble with work so all in all i just feel rubbish tonight!

Just wish someone, somewhere could find a magic cure and make everything disappear for all of us!


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Gentle hugs to you.

I Truly feel for you and all those still at work and with family demands.

Praying for a cure xx


Gosh, you are having a rotten time! It seems like you have taken a lot on board what with family visits, school runs and college and work. Perhaps you need to pace yourself until you feel better? Could another mum take your daughter and collect her until you are properly recovered? You could do some more once you feel a bit better perhaps. Sometimes we have to stop soldiering on and ask for help and support when we need it. I know that I have to pace myself, or I too tend to crash.

Try to get a better night's sleep and I hope that you feel much better tomorrow :-) Jane x


I have defo got too much on (i also volunteer once a week on top of everything else) everything was commitments i had before becoming as ill as i have been and im the sort of person who thinks of everyone else before myself. i have someone to take my daughter tomorrow but sadly i am straight to work by 930 so still no rest time and back to college tomorrow night!

i just get so fed up at times, i feel like at 26 years old i am living the life of a pensioner at times (thats not meant in any offence to any pensioners by the way!)

oh well, cant do anything other than plod along some more!



hope your soon be on the ok weeks again xx


Sounds like you need to prioratis (yes i can't spell hehe) The volunteering will understand if you don't go for a while, And maybe get a friends circle where you take it in turns to take kids to school.As for college, what are you studying if i may ask?

For me i had to make major changes i left an unsupportive husband, tried going back to college but couldn't cope. I now have an amazing man who understands my health issues and got me into a routine which has saved me thankfuly.

Hopefully you will catch a break soon xx


Hope you feel more the happy you soon hang in there . Gentle hugs. Sithy


Hiya feel like the lady above i was same and a great fella whos amazing.i used to have to do a hours walk to school and same back twice a day.

I cried some days.and we had to leave daughter knew i was ill which affected her massivly.

So bern there.i ended up asking friends and doing them favors in. Return.

My fella starts collrge today and im worried how hes gonna cope.he has c.f s.

Good luck you must try and find a medium somehow and pace yreself. Xx


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