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What chance have I got??

Ive got my appeal hearing on July 2nd and Im dreading it. I cant find anyone to represent me because there's so many people going through so many appeals, that there's no one available. So Im on my own. (Except my daughter is coming with me.) I have worked hard on putting my case together but Im not one for going to my GP unless absolutely necessary.Just for meds that are on repeat, so I dont have to see him.(I have a really good GP btw, which I am very grateful for). So I havent got any evidence from a Consultant or Specialist. Ive just sort of "got on with it" since I was diagnosed in 1996, though I strongly suspect Ive had Fibro a lot longer. I also have Asthma, IBS and Depression, which Ive suffered with for many years, and recently been diagnosed with High blood pressure and Arthritis. Im a physical and mental wreck. All I can offer my appeal is a full and honest self written account of my illnesses, a letter from a former GP in 2006 saying I had to give up my job because of ill health, due to Fibro, a letter confirming I have Arthritis and not much else. I know Im better off health-wise than a lot of you, but that doesnt make me fit for work. I just couldn't cope with a job AND what I need to do at home. I'd be so exhausted all the time...I AM NOW, without having to work. I've got no chance, have I??? H E L P P P P !!!!

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am still waiting for my you i got a good doctor...she was the one who told to appeal..i have no consultant..only the pain on my own and my partner coming with me this when i had my medical i wasn't to bad...but she didn't take in account the days that am bad...i was thinking of doing a video diary...just to show them what am like on a bad day...

i hope everything goes well at your appeal and keep us posted...

love beanie...xx


go to your gp and get a new letter from him and any consultant letters you have . I hope you get a result . Why dont you see your gp i have to see mine once a month for her to get an update and check how i am xx


Hi Bean, a video diary sounds like an excellent idea, because you're right, they dont give a damn about how much pain you're in. I can do all sorts of stuff I KNOW I'll pay for big time, later. But things have to be done, you cant just curl up in a corner and wither away. I live alone, so I have to do the dishes, washing, cooking, shopping,cleaning, gardening, walk the dog, etc etc.coz the gardener ran off with the maid,lol !! Haha, gotta keep a sense of humour or I'll go MAD.


Hi Rosehip.I asked my GP for a medical statement and he said it would cost me £50, but if I tell them at the appeal, that he would provide THEM with one, if they requested it. I cant afford that sort of money. So Im hoping what I have is enough. I can only do my best I s'pose.


Thank you Chris, I will. x


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