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after putting it off for months i finally went to the doctors on friday about the pains i've been getting in my hips and knees as i kind of knew what the answer would be anyway. so off i went to see my gp and she seems to think that my answer to why i have been getting pains in hips and knees is right. that the arthritis that i have got in my spine is now moving into hips and knees now. so my gp sent me to have xray on my hips and knees which i did so now got to wait a week to get results of xrays now to find out if the arthritis has gone to hips and knees as if not in pain enough with the fibro.

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I find it difficult to decide what is pain from fibro and arthritis.I have been diagnosed with arthritis in my neck and fingers, but get so much pain in my hips, wrists, knees, ankles dont know which is which lol xxx


yes i know what you mean. it can be hard to work out which pain is which. but when walking not sure if it just me but it feels like my hip is moving out of it socket side ways wired i know but it dont feel like other side when walking. but least i've had xray now. plus it will go in gp notes if the has spread as well which is handy for when doing DLA. what make your arthitis worst cold, rain etc etc. altho im in bed my hip pain is playing up. altho skin feels warm my bones feel cold if that makes sences to you.

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hi so sorry about all the pain you are in you are among friends now bless your heart it is awful to be in all his pain and then they decide to give you more lots of love to you diddle x


i can well understand and all ,as the GP puts it Fibro oh thats muscle! if only

but with OsteoArth/Cevical Spondilosiss as i have its the main Bone structure of the body, within the past 2/3yrs costing me the neck,closage of ribs/hips together ,i could go on as if ive taken a shower with these conditions.

i try to bend over and difficult to try and get back to original position.

As i said to the GP a body support required and replacement of the one supporting the head,as it has proved causing me Brain Damage.

Orthopeadic only supply spinal/body support if it been through spinal injury!

surley this is Discrimination ,as so much Longterm support/prevention of the damage /pain we all suffer, But so many would prefere to just hand over MEDICATION!

Love to you all Lavender xx


Before I was diagnosed eith Fibro I had horriffic pain in my knees and hips, i had steroid injections which eased the pain temporarily. I then had arthoroscopys on both knees, which was quite painful and put me out of action for several weeks................ and shortly afterwards I was diagnosed with severe fibro and as I have come to terms with that I now have M.E.

Gentle hugs x x x

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Hey soul susie iv got me ad it for 5 yrs now how you cope with yrs booohooo


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