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Day 2 out of hospital both legs are rather ghastly and lower back is

humming. My daughter and grandson came to look after me while I recover and wow they lighten the mood I just feel like retreating to bed to hide. Nonsence cannot do that need to shake myself and turn around how I feel so I am more positive!

I just feel so exhausted from the early part of the week so many parts hurt.............Will the sun break through today? They say it will be cold and snowy that means the fire gets lit and crumpets for tea how wonderful is that. Toasting fork to the ready and wicked butter yum yum,

Today I have to let my daughter do things for me - pick things up - bend to cupboards all manner of little things that I should not do and yet I tend to try to yes you have realized I am a positive tryer at it does me no good at the moment, when the back recovers it will be a different matter.

Takes care friends xgins

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Hi Gins

Good to have you back, chin up :-) I am not sure what you had done but I had major back surgery a couple of years ago. You need to rest, whatever you have had done in order to heal or you will be in danger of undoing any work that has been done. Easier said than done I know but please please rest and let others look after you for a change.

Huge Piggie hugs xxxxxxxxx


Thanks for the hugs I am trying but I find it hard not to try and do things xgins


Tut tut!! I knew someone like you and within weeks the op she had was completely undone and she was in more pain and had more problems than before her op.

Pleeeeeeeeeeze take it easy.

More hugs from Aunty Piggy xxxxxxxxxxxx


Take it easy...relax and let people look after you....says she who finds that so hard to do;) sending healing thoughts and hugs xx


Take care Gins, you need to rest and recover. Put on a slushy film and chill out or listen to some relaxing music to help you rest.

I know how difficult it is not to do anything, but it will be worth it in the end and you will feel better for it.

Make the most of people looking after you too! :)

(((hug))) xxx



Hi Gins, Just pretend you're a member of the Royal family, then you won't have a problem letting people do things for you.

Get your grandson to address you as 'Your Majesty' - that will help, and will probably make him laugh no end! Of course, that will make him 'Your Royal Highness' - very good for building his self-esteem! :)

Glad you're back in circulation, and hope you recover soon!

Love ...Moffy xxx


Lol great advice Moffy, next you will be telling us to curtsey to Gins - tell that to my Fibro knees today lol! ;) :P

Get well soon Gins! :) xxxx


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