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Another night ruled not by the stars but my hip and back. Out of bed at 5, 4, 3, 2,

Another night ruled not by the stars but my hip and back.  Out of bed at 5, 4, 3, 2,

niw dressed and trying to make a little sense of my body. I suspect to actually make sense of Fibro would be a kin to star travel. So here I am more exhausted than usual not particularly witty but here never the less I am here.

Weather it looks grey and slight breeze is ruffling the trees, if the sun burns its way through the layer of soft cloud it will break into another lovely day. Certainly the pollen count is high (she says as she sniffles) I remember my Dad getting terribly cross over sniffles "Use a handkerchief or leave the table" he would bellow at me. I left the table it was easier.

Today I am going to endeavour to empty my table it is where I sit and live through the day, gradually it has amassed a vast array of detritus rather like the way my body has achieved so many things wrong with it.

So everyone I do hope you have had a reasonably good night and are feeling ready for the new day.

Have a gentle day


the swan is blowing bubbles !

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morning gins

sorry you had such a disturbed night of sleep. It happens to me most nights hence the CFS my back isn't comfy anywhere and my hips just like to accompany it to annoy me LOL.

As for the sniffles, I'm on your dad's side, hehe, I'm constantly telling hubby to blow his nose its really irritating, sorry gins!

Take it easy and have some choc, or ice-cream, even choc ice-cream... making myself drool for ice-cream now so better stop it. LOL. what's your favourite flavour ice-cream? Mine's got be raspberry ripple, or choc yummy!

Love the swan



Hi zeb, just wanted to say I love your new avatar, ssswwwwweeeeeeeee :-) :-)

Foggy x


cheers foggy! xxxxzebxxx


Morning Zeb

Nights are funny old things I have been having 3 hrs sleep if lucky for last 5 years. I wonder if it becomes a habit.

Now ice cream yes well any actually very piggy when it comes to ice cream but particularly cornish cream vanilla oh lovely. However I love chocolate too. Recently Aldi have had a wonderful Sorbet mango or lemon but very refreshing in this hot sticky weather.

Oh it is coffee time back soon xxgins


yeah! its cuppa time...

yummy... mango and lemon sorbet... excellent summer cocktail base.


mmmmm...yummeeeee! love the idea of mango and lemon sorbet, but then raspberry ripple is good... which one is better... if I had some of either I would be hiding in a corner like Pooh with his tin of evaporated milk


Sorry you had a bad night gins...I find the Lyrica I'm on helps me sleeps now most nights.

I'm having a major flare at the moment, went to bed early, not like me at all but was sore and weak and freezing, slept fairly ok though but woke feeling I'd been run over by a bus (don't know why I say that as I've never been run over by a bus thankfully! Hope I don't ever find out if it feels the same)

I still managed to get showered and dressed and go food shopping with hubby,we took my car, but he drove as I was topped up on enough meds to make me feel a little normal, I hobbled round the shops and managed to laugh when hubby found a cheap foldable walking stick and suggested I buy it. I don't need one yet but when i do think I'll get something sturdy that won't leave me flat on my face in the street.


Hey Mary

I am glad you are holding out against a stick long may you manage. I now have a battery of sticks folderble for suitcases, strong ones for pottering the garden, the last time I went with out I fell. I also have a pair of really nice ones with those soft hip shaped handles and when my back is really rough they help me move.

You are right wait and when you do make sure it is sturdy and attractive (is that a man)

LOL xgins


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