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I am in the mood for baking!

Third set of Grand children are due for the weekend so stick cakes at Ganny's house are a must

I still love baking and I must admit to the cardinal sin of loving to stick my finger in the mixture and lick it off. ( I can blame my Mum for that) Yum yum.

The recipie I am using today has yoghurt in it instead of all fat - much better for us- ha of course it isn't the only thing better is not to bake.- boring -

So I shall crack on - lots of egg jokes now please.......

Have a eggcellent day x gins

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Ohhh gins please mmmmm bake a cake ahh love trying but am not great lol

Rock buns are a favourite of mine.

Your grand kids will locve it!!

My gran used to bake every saturday!! We used to love going

Not here now bless but when i get any grandkids i would love to try keep her tradition xxxxxxcazzie xxxx


Just keep trying hun and you will soon get the hang of baking. I tend to get carried away today I am middle of making white chocolate fairy cakes yum !

We are going on a picnic so I want to have every thing ready . xxx gins


Gins could you pm me your recipe or post it on this thread for white choccy fairy cakes. I can't eat brown chocolate so your version would be great. Did you put yoghurt in the mixture too, otherwise I would love this recipe too please!

I love baking, it's so therapeutic when I have the energy! :)

I have a confession to make too, I lick the spatula - I love raw cake mixture! My sons try to beat me to it lol! :)


Aww i like darrrrrk chocolate mmmmmmm, no you dont mmmm only i am aloud lol ahhh little pickernicks , check blanket, flask and sarnies lass.

Fold up chairs and teddy bears, ohhh a lovely picnic i can seee



White Chocolate Spotty cakement)

24 small fairy cakes 250g

250g butter softened

300g self raising flour

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

250g golden caster sugar

4 eggs

150ml pot natural yogurt

Vanilla essence a dolop

3tsp milk (may not need this)

200g white chocolate half chopped

300g soft cheese ot fridge cold

100g icing sugar sifted

Top smarties)they bleed so I use white buttons)

Easy to make

Heat oven 180c prepare fairy cases

Large bowl bung butter flour sugar baking powder eggs yoghurt vanilla beat untill completely lump free stir in chocolate ( I grate it in at this moment) Spoon in cases bake for 15 - 20 mins till golden ad risen and a skewer comes out clean .

When cold decorate melt rest chocolate stir in icing sugar and soft cheese untill smooth chill

spread over cakes nd pop white button on top! Bingo

This was adapted from http://

Hope you enjoy they come out very light and moist xgins


Thank you so much Gins! I have the recipe safely saved, thank you for posting it! Can't wait to try it. Thanks for the link too! :)


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