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Disabled how


Can any one tell me if there is such a thing as being registered as disabled,

And if so how do you go about being registered.

I don't want to claim money or a blue badge, but this would

Help me at work as they are trying. To get shot of me, my sick

Record is not that bad 6 weeks in the last 3 years, plenty worse

Than me, I want to work for a little longer if I can

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Hi vivien where do you live?


Isle of wight


as far as i am aware there is no register well thats what i was told a cpl of years ago i think theygo by what your dr has written or says,hope you get a definate answer i would be intrested to in what others more experianced have to say in this matter and your work cannot just get rid of you i think you should seek advice on your work rights CAB would be your best beton that,good luck xx


No I know they can't get rid of me, but you know all these interviews

That I have concerning our illness is just so stressful.


Vivien60 -There used to be a register but no more.You should register with Access to Work at your nearest Jobcentreplus. They can help you with taxi fares to work if you are unable to use public transport or any new equipment your employer may need to buy to help you do your job now that you are ill. Being registered with them confirms that you have a recognised disability.

Also, claiming Disability Living Allowance [DLA]will prove you are disabled. Please note you do not have to be unemployed to be entitled to DLA - it is to help disabled people with the extra costs they incur i.e. fuel, heating etc

Sorry to throw cold water on the advice given by munchkin62 but your Employer CAN get rid of you if they so choose. Of course they cannot sack you because of your disability but they get around it by sacking you for 'lack of attendance' because it is 'not good for the business' as they say they 'are not employing you to stay at home or be sick' so be very, very careful of your absences - even if they are related to your disability. If you have a Union at your place of work it would be worth your while to join as they will have a Disability Officer. Also, your employer should have a Disability Officer too.

The reason I know about this is I was 'let go' after 27 years' service because in the final 4 years of my employment I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, polyneuropathy and depression. I appealed against their decision and even had my case heard in London but to no avail. Eventually, 2 years after being 'let go; my former employer now realises that I was, and still am. very sick and that I will never work again and so they have decided to change my status so that I am paid my occupational pension now due to ill health. This took 2 years as I had to find a specialist who would write a report about my ill health explaining how it affects my everyday life. These reports cost from £600.00 to £1000.00 so it's not cheap - but well worth it if you can get one - should your employer try to take disciplinary action against you. I wish I had known this when I was employed as I would have been in receipt of my pension 2 years earlier.

If you want to contact me direct please do so. I am more than happy to help you. S


Thank you that's very very helpful


I am going to try this thank you so much again


Contact local council i just registered kast yr


Disabled cards are issued by local councils. Not all councils register you and issue these cards so it's always best to check. The cards are issued free and entitle you to certain benefits and concessions and in certain instances you may be able to reclaim VAT on specific disability equipment. It might also help in your circumstances Vivien to show your employer.

(I live in Hampshire and disabled cards are issued here at the moment)

It would be worth contacting your local county councils to enquire about this if you are interested.

(((hug))) xxx



Thank you liberty


I was told that if you get DLA you are registered disabled but I don't know if that is true


Not necessarily true Akasha, it appears to depend on what level care and mobility components you receive. It's a bit of a shady area and dependent on this and your local council.


That's the thing I don't want anything from them, just some thing

To show the NHS I work for they are making my life hell

They have sorted out my hours which are a lot better but they keep interviewing me

About my illness I know this is a type of bulling.

I just thought that if I could register they would leave me alone I know that it is

A recognised illness and that it comes under the disability act, I have read that

I just need to prove that it relates to me I don't think. A doctors letter is enough


Do you have a Consultant's letter maybe Vivien - perhaps some documentation from say a Consultant Rheumatologist might help you with your work situation?!


No nothing like that I was seen by a consultant but I had no letters

From him must of gone to my doctor

Thank you liberty what would I do without this forum a life saver


It's always a pleasure to try to help in any way we can Vivien. Rest assured we will always try.

Clutching at straws here but could you contact the Consultant you saw to try to get something in writing?! xxxx


Yes maybe but you know what these people are like

They don't even like to say the word fibro, still it's worth a

Try thank you


Always happy to try to help Vivien, just ask any time. :) xxx



i had the excessive interviewing.


Did you what happened to you



i wasn't able to make my target. they knew i had fibromyalgia/cfs. they wanted to know more. About why i wasn't making my targets. they wanted to know more on how to help me make my targets and in the end they wanted me to make my grades. i couldn't cope with my hands and my work. it was piece work and my hands would stiffen up. i couldn't do my work. i took voluntary redundancy in the end.


i forgot to add, i had to go upto london, to see my works doctor.


It does all depend on where you live. Registering disabled people was primarily stopped in many areas due to disability campaigners a few years ago, as they felt they should not be registered, unless you are registered blind. My role in the local authority sees some areas still have registers, such as Hampshire and parts of Devon. Warwickshire, who I work for do not and a lot of our surrounding areas.

If you want to find out for definite if yours does, then phone your local authority. They will be able to advise.


Thank you


you can get copies of letters from your gp from consultant hospital docters ect


Hello , i was retired due to ill health after working 10 years has a teaching assistant, i did not want this but my school did , they made life very difficult causing stress and as we know stress leads to more ill health ,more days off , more trips to the doctors etc.... that is how they did it , in the end it turned very ugly and solicitors were called in to work on my behalf as i would not even step foot in the school because of the terrible stress their attitude caused. I ended up having a heart attack and being in Coronary care for 5 days . Not worth it i say . I wish i had just moved schools .



I know what you mean, there is lots of stress in my job

I work in a prison nurse, it's not the prisoners that give

Me stress as a rule they are very polite. The people I

Work with are lovely.

It's the management that cause me so much stress I think

It's a power thing, there are about 18 nurses who work in

The unit 3 of which have fibro, I think that because I am

60, I know it's time for me to go but I have another 3 years

Before I get a pension, you know what people are like, they

Don't really believe in fibro, I wonder if they are just making

A test case to see, then they have two more after me.

If I am registered disabled they are stuffed, although it does

Say on the disability act that fibro is classed as a disability

How things are changing in the NHS they can't get me on not

Doing my job I make sure I do

Thank you all so much for all your help



your rheumatologist should tell you.

from kerry29


after previously living in Hampshire, where disability cards were issued, I enquired in Somerset, where I now live, they say they do not issue them. I understand that it would be useful especially in cases of Fibromyalgia, where we can look quite healthy, yet feel so dire. Its a shame that pain can't be seen!


Go online and Google the "Equality Act 2010" . That tells you what conditions would be considered a disability under the act. Fibro definitely falls within the remit of this act in combination with the disability discrimination act. If they finish you for having time off because of this 'legally defined" disability and they have not tried to make reasonable adjustments to get you back to work, then you have a case for disability discrimination. I used to be a lawyer but no longer practice. However I am now a social worker and a self employed advice worker. Though I have been off sick a year and it's all about to get legal/tribunal etc with my employers. So I'm quite up on all this at this moment as I'm gearing up for war so to speak lol. Hope this helps a little.


Hello Kerry

Thank you for your reply, and I will look at the equality act thank you

And it's very nice to meet you

As you can see people in here go out of there way to give

Help and support if they can I am sure you will enjoy this forum

I have learnt lots just reading people's blogs and questions

Some times with fibro you feel so cut off from people, so it's so nice

To chat to people who understand about this nasty fibro

Welcome to the forum and thank you for your help



P.S: Hello everyone, that was my first post :) x


welcome to the fibro mites club, a warm responce laughter, and good listeners sad sometimes ,but really worth checking out, it has lifted me and helped me many a bad day tc love soma xx happy new yr to everyone,


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