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Registered disabled or proving your disability


Hi Has any1 been registered disabled,having fibromyalgia,chronic fatigue,COPD, to name but a few things combined, and if so who registered you in the uk please .only i went shopping before the Coronavirus was putting every1 into self isolation,and was still awaiting my walking aids from occupational therapy,to arrive.

At a supermarket A shop assistant asked me if i was disabled only i wouldn't be able to use the disability ride on shopping cart,as i didn't look disabled, and i had to be to use it

I was totally exhausted,and the embarrassment was extremely upsetting, I can't walk for long and needed to rest, i also walk with extreme hip pain accompanied by sciatica, and prolapsed disc in my neck and spine and a tilted pelvis. I'm not claiming any benefits,for any of my health issues, at the moment and I'm a full time carer for my husband and children, i don't receive carers allowance either ,ive asked for help as I'm not able to do all the things i used to,but this has upset me and I'm not supposed to leave the house as i and my husband both have asthma any advice please

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I would have asked to see the store's policy on what constitutes a disability.

As far as I know there isn't a disabled person's register although as a blind person I am registered somewhere.


i have no immune system after yrs of bad heath firstly caused by glandular fever since then ive suffered M.E, fibromyalgia, colitis, vitamin/mineral deficit,, and every thing that goes around.. after xmas i was really ill with pluresy... and now late march im still havin alot of trouble with getting very breathless doing anything and fatigued (but thats normal for me)... constant heavy foggy head.. ive been self isolating since last monday as i know ill catch anythin going but runnin low on everything get no money till 14th April and theres no help around me... plus letter for help seems to be only ENGLAND again... not scotland.

feel like im becoming agoraphobic too as scared to leave the house or talk to anyone 😢...

hope everyone stays as safe as they can.. 💕😷💕 x

Hi I have similar to yourself physio gave me crutches they help a little, I now have blue badge but even before I got that I had to start using the scooters in Asda and Tesco, OT equipment took about 3 weeks to be delivered. Please apply for pip if you are under 65 and if you are over 65 apply for attendance allowance, you can apply for a blue badge online from the government site. Stay safe and take care love Lynne J xx

Bigears16 bless you i will ring them in morning , my chronic pain specialist said i should apply for pip a few weeks ago ,but i wasnt sure what i needed no doubt i will soon find out,thank you every1 for your advice much appreciated godbless you all and keep you all safe x

I use my PIP letter if anyone queries it which of course you can't as you aren't getting any benefits you really should try to see if you could get something.. They used to have a registered disabled card but they don't seem to do this now. I can magine. Like Bananas5 said I wouldn't think you had to prove you were disabled, you wouldn't have asked for use of one if you could manage without. I would ring them up and ask to speak to someone more senior and see what their policy is.x

Hi just a thought , why aren’t you getting carers allowance, if you are a carer and under 65 and not working you should get it, have you tried

Yes hun they said my husband doesn't get a qualifying benefit he's got an old DLA claim.

Up until DLA was introduced in the early 1990s, Job Centres used to issue a Registered Disabled card as long as you supplied medical proof of the disability, such as a benefits letter or a letter from an NHS Consultant. Today, the cards are not issued so instead you need a copy of your award letter from the Department for Work and Pensions showing that you are eligible for disability benefits or alternatively you could show a copy of your blue badge or your disabled bus pass.

You can register as disabled with your Local Authority (County Council or Unitary Authority) under the Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act 1970. You must have a substantial and permanent disability, be over the age of 18 and be a permanent resident of the area. Contact the Local Authority's Social Services team for details and a form. By registering you are helping them to know how many people within their area are disabled and may need help at some point in the future. They may ask you if you would like an Occupational Therapist to assess your home. This can lead to help such as handrails, trolleys, perching stools etc.

You can find out more about the benefits and concessions available to disabled people here on the Rugby Fibromyalgia Support Group website


Thats brilliant thank you very much il ring them now

My wife as received a letter. I initially did not. I have a number of conditions including COPD. None my conditions would not on there own be reason by the guidelines to register. However my GP feels that by combining them they would make me extremely vulnerable. She added me to the list. Some of my friends have been photocopying their blue badge to prove disability . My daughter as photographed my wife's letter to prove she is shopping for us.

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