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dogs for the disabled

hi does anyone have a dog for the disabled to help them around the house with every day things eg getting washing out of machine, picking stuff up off floor, getting dressed.

as with having arthritis as well i find bending to pick stuff up from floor painful and altho i have 3 boys trying to get them to help is very hard work sometimes. my eldest is a young carer for me and with him going up to big school in sept i want to give him more time to do his home work and enjoy going out with friends.

whats your thoughts on this,

soft hugs louise.xx

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HI louise,

What a good idea that is. :)

If it wil help you in anyway i would definatly look into it.

I wouldnt know how you would go about it, i hope someone will come up with some help.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

hugs, kel xxxx


i've filled in form for canine partner so just waiting to hear back. if anyone else want to look into it.

soft hugs


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Thats brill, louise. :)

I do hope it helps you, i cant have a dog as i am allergic. :(

Let us know how you get on.

hugs, kel xxxx


they do breed and train some dogs for people that are allergic to them from what i have seen from just looking on the web

soft hugs. lou .xx


Hi i think these doga are absolutely fantastic for peoplre i have seen them on programmes and they are so clever they really are the things they do get purses get washing it is marvellous towatch anything that helps has got to be good and not only that you end up with a very faithful friend to and another member of the family love to you diddle x


One of my girlfriends has an assistance dog - best thing she ever did - helps her, and her boy thinks everything he does for her is the best game ever. She had help to train him herself though as she already had him when her condition worsened.

I think she would certainly recommend having one :)

Spirit x x x


My sister applied for a helping dog and was advised to train one herself. She bought a black labrador from gun (not show) stock and took her to lessons. She (the dog that is) had to be encouraged to do lots of things that would normally be discouraged i.e. picking up objects, opening doors etc., My sister now has two dogs and they are very helpful. Taking things out of the washing machine, putting washing in the machine, digging in the garden, getting things out of cupboards etc., etc., plus it has given my sister a purpose in life. I think you can train any breed of dog (or mongrel) but if you can get a greedy one it is easier as they do anything for a treat.


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