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So I have been getting ESA for 6 months now, after having a tumour removed from my spine in January of this year, thankfully benign, however my recovery is very slow , I had an MRI scan 3 weeks ago which showed a lot of scar tissue and fluid on my spine . I am currently off sock from work and not sure if I will be able to go back to the job I was doing which unfortunately is a physical job as I am a night staff nurse in a care home. I have been called for an assessment from the dept work and pensions and have got myself in such a state about this, who carries out these assessments , and what can I expect , thanks in advance xx

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  • Hi Mogi52,

    Sorry to hear about your poor health. I have also been getting esa contributions based since last sept which will finish this sept. I have my assessment on 14/7. It will be bases hopefully at a centre near you and carried out by so called experts. The best info I can give you is to look on work and benefits website. Its a fab site written by medical and legal experts. for £20 a year you can access all their info fach sheets, they have downloadable info that ells you what to expect and how to conduct your assessment, what they will ask, what they are looking for etc. I've used it for my forms and they have a great success rate. there are also many wise souls on here in the same position. Will your or has your gp been supportive, keep a record of all your symptoms, meds difficulties to present if you have not already sent them to DWP. It's very stressful I know. Keep us posted on how you get on.


    Jo x

  • Apologies Jo. No disrespect intended. I hope you're doing 'ok'

    Gentle hugs

    Lu xx

  • Hi Lu no apology needed hun. You've been thru process so in far better position to give advice. Guess I'm lucky mine in my home town. It's disgraceful that we are treated with such contempt, I know there are dishonest people out there but saddened that are are so suspicious of us all. I'm ok have esa assessment on 14/7. Dreading it.

    Jo x

  • Thanks Jo x I think I said this before (Fibro fog kicks in 😊) but don't be fooled by thinking whoever does your assessment is nice. I was asked how I travelled to my assessment. I said I came by coach alone (I had no one else to come with me). On my report when I received it, it said I had driven to the centre myself in my own car!!

    I was questioned about this at my Tribunal and almost lost my temper with the doctor. I told him I had not driven there and that I told the nurse I had travelled by coach.

    He then spent a few minutes making notes.

    My own opinion is that they pick on the vulnerable people thinking we will give in.

    I've had to fight it all the way. I have no choice. I am completely unable to work.

    I adored my job and miss it every day.

    I can completely understand you being nervous. I was too.

    Good luck. I really hope it goes smoothly for you

    Gentle hugs xx

  • I'm gonna have to get a taxi to app as I won't travel on public transport and I'm not driving atm as my neck is so painful. In the notes they sent me it says about having the choice to record the interview and if you want them to do it you have to request in advance? Other than that I could record on my phone? I have to go on my own as hubby will lose money if he takes day off and my close friend has an autistic child so she can't come. I know the place as I used to work next door years ago. Did you record your assessment and did you have to ask for a copy of your report?

    jo xx

  • Messaged you x

  • Hi speak to people like if over 50 age uk or similar to see if can get someone to go with youand be very wary as they watch on camera and wait till other person goes somewhere like meter for car then call you if they do take your time getting up and ring other person to say.

    your not dealing with human species there!

  • Thank you , I can't get up quickly anyway so they will just have to give me time , I'm so dreading this and feel myself getting more stressed th closer it gets , my husband is going with me and in sure he will have things to say , he has had a lot to out up with the last year , thanks for replying , take care , hugs to you x

  • Thank you Jo, I will keep you posted , hugs to you x

  • Hi there

    Not wishing to criticise Jo in any respect whatsoever, but please don't expect the place you go to for your assessment to necessarily be near you. I had to travel 20 miles to get to mine.

    They often make the appointments at 9am and are usually on the first floor of a building without a lift to see how you manage the stairs.

    I know the above from experience.

    I have also heard that cameras are set up in car parks so they can watch you arrive.

    A male nurse carried out my assessment. They will ask you lots of general questions about whether you can do certain things.

    My advice would be definitely not to lie, but just to answer the question truthfully taking into account your worst day. For example if you cannot do something without experiencing pain, make sure you say so.

    Get as much evidence as you possibly can together for example your medications repeat, a letter from your GP in support of your claim and your Consultants letter of diagnosis. Sadly you will also have to prove you had a tumour.

    I'm sorry this sounds so negative, but it is simply how it works.

    At least this way, I hope you will be more prepared.

    Please feel free to ask me anything else you want to know, but obviously I can only speak from my own experience.


    Lu xx

  • Hi Luke, thank you for your reply, my appointment is about 15 miles away but my husband will be able to take me in the car , there is now way I would be able to go on the train or the bus , I would panic so I'm grateful he is able to. Thank you for the comment about the cctv and your advice, as I'm sure you know it's stressful and every little helps, hugs to you xx

  • Hi

    I'm Lu (not Luke :))

    I had no choice but to go alone. I am widowed with children and did not have anyone to call upon to go with me.

    Friends quickly go by the wayside when you have Fibro and then are suddenly widowed.

    People do not know what to say to you unfortunately.

    Yes, I know very well how stressful it is. I ended up having to go to a Tribunal as well. I really have had to fight all the way.

    I hate claiming benefits but would be completely unable to survive without them.

    I would like to say that between my husband and myself we worked for 70 years between us, paying our taxes and NI. I have only been claiming for 2 years.




  • So sorry Lu, silly predictive txt . Xx

  • I have been nursing for nearly 35 years and my husband has been working for 35 years to so like yourself have paid taxes and had to fight for my ESA and get my MP involved . I love my job and it breaks my heart to think my career may be finished Lu, I would much prefer to be working . Take care and thank you for replying xxx

  • I'm sorry. I got a bit over emotional there. I do apologise if I came across abrupt.

    I just do not understand why our past contributions to the state are not taken into account.

    I would give anything to be back doing my job. I was a Special Needs TA. It was a challenging job, but I loved it so much.

    You take care of yourself too


  • Lu please don't apologise , you wernt abrupt at all, I understand how you feel , I am paediatric trained as well and worked in the children's ward for 24 years of my nursing career until they closed it , then I had to move to adult nursing which I love to , it makes me feel stripped of everything I have been for the past 35 years this being unwell. Also makes you angry that we have contributed so much and not getting anything back when we need it through no fault of our own. Life eh. Look after yourself Lu, love and hugs to you xx

  • they are if pension time missed a stamp huh huh no pay for you but anyone else can come here and get a full pension without paying anything you have one stamp wrong and it's bon voyage

  • I am so sorry to read that you are getting anxious about this and I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck with your assessment. I can see that you have been given some wonderful advice so far and so I will just sincerely wish you luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you Ken, yes I have been given some good advice as always , this has been an absolute godsend for me this past year , thank you again x

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