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I would dance if I could

I would dance if I could

Day three of changing my eating habits , don't worry I am not gonna post every day and bore everyone to sleep... Even though that may be a good thing for those on the forum who have trouble sleeping.... BUT just by cutting out the junk that I used to graze on in between meals.... I have lost a pound already... As I was aiming for a pound a week I am so going to stick with it now

Now I wonder which of my family has munched on the junk..........


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Well done - averaging 1 pound would do me fine.


thats a great start VG

perhaps its the creature in your pic thats gnawing at my left hip ?

Is it a pet that you use to collect crumbs instead of vacuuming ?

actually i think mines a hamster as it has smaller teeth that nibble the right joint too ,

warm hugs xx


is it a squirrel or chipmunk?

either way he's hiding food in his cheek pouches - if we had those, we could hide maltesers!

eat little and often vg don't go hungry.



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