I could use a little advice!!!!

Hi guys, just joined, as going through the motions of a potential fibro diagnosis. Been referred to a strengthening exercise program by my gp this morning. Don't really see much use, but will accept this as could be a start to what could be a long road ahead.

My main symptoms are chronic fatigue and joint,pain, both which are exasperated following exercise (even after 2 hours of light housework!!!!!), I am regularly having to have a sleep in the middle of the day (I am 34!!!!), I don't mean to, my body just takes over. I can't fight it. I am also currently suffering from a flare up of ibs and insomnia. Does anyone have any tips on managing this condition??

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  • Hi hun everybody is different you have to pace yourself I'm finding that one hard there nothing wrong with having sleep in afternoon I take my naps as and when I can medication seems to have effect on you i no your only 34 but needs must do what you can when you can that's my advice don't no about strengthening classes never did that Carol ☺

  • That's puzzled me too!! Thought he'd refer me to a rheumatologist, but he didn't.

  • Maybe he's going to see what happens at classes but if you find it not to be helpful go back to gp and tell him ☺

  • Welcome to the forum. I think from what you are saying pacing is the key. There is no way many of us could do 2 hours of housework straight off I know I can't. Perhaps if you split this into 4 half hour slots with a rest perhaps doing paperwork or something you would find life easier.

    Tryif you can to resist the sleep in the middle of th day as most of us find sleeping at night a problem and you might find if you pace you won't need it. Very difficult at first and we know it is not always practical but it is best to stop anything that involves using quite a bit of energy before you get tired. Just try keeping a simple diary about activities, length of time they took and how they affected you and you will see a kind of pattern emerging. If there is somehow you can get help with those that really drain and cause the most pain it will leave more energy.

    IBS is a problem and is often made worse with the meds most of us take. Sometimes an adjustment in these can help. Sometimes acupuncture can he!o with this when other things have failed.

    Don't dismiss the exercises as the thought can be frightening if you are exhausted and in pain but strengthening the core muscles supports thr whole body and may make certain activities easier, it certainly helped me. Best of luck let us know how you progress.x

  • Well with me, as we are all different and it seems different things help different people. Exercise helps me. Lying around no matter how much I want to, makes pains worse. Now if I am at the state of not being able to fight the slept, bc it happens I will take a nap but when I wake up I go back to doing stuff.

    Now, by doing stuff, I mean I work then take a break, walk a little then take a break, wash the dishes then take a break, etc.

    I cannot work or rest too long bc it will get worse.

    You could try getting more nutrition and seeing if that helps your exhaustion. It helps lift me up to get some. Spirulina, a good respectable brand has helped my energy levels. Juicing helps too but it might not be good for your ibs, it might depend on what messes with you.

    I would love to be part of a strengthening exercise program. I basically do that on my own, so it would be cool to have a professional there to make sure I'm doing it right and all that I need to be doing.

    I would say do it, but I would let them know when I was pushed far enough. You don't want to over do it and pay for it later.

    If you go through with it, let us know how it goes.

    My husband has commented that my muscles don't seem to strengthen. I feel they have some.

    But I worry there is something more to my weak muscle and worry they can't strengthen or something stupid like that.

    Anyways do what feels right for you. This is your path. Only you know what is right for you.

    Good luck.

  • Also with regards to my nutrition. I eat my 5 a day. Drink plenty of fluids. I also drink soya (unsweetened) milk. I currently take cranberry and vitamin d supplements.

  • Thanks for your reply. I need to mention a few things.

    I do normally have to stop and start when doing anything, it doesn't usually hit me till either the next day or day after.

    I currently take meds because of the ibs. It is very poorly controlled.

    I will try to keep an open mind about the exercise group.

  • I would make sure to stretch really well , I have messed myself up by not stretching properly after exercising.

  • See now what you have to do is as Bambamsnan says pace yourself .How I do it and everything takes forever but it's manageable is this I work for twenty mins then I rest for thirty and that's how I do my housework ,it takes most of a day but my pain is lower than if I don't do it that way and also my fatigue is better .WELCOME to the site and I know you will love it ,loads of support .x😇

  • Littlestar, Hi welcome and hope you enjoy our forum. Sorry to hear of your pain and the fatique....I can't take being tired!! Do you see a gp? ? Maybe you could speak with them on reference to this.Hope you have a good day. Peck.🐤

  • Hi peck. Yes, I saw my gp today.

  • Hi Littlestar82

    Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I have pasted below a link to our mother site, FMA UK which hosts loads of useful Fibro information:


    I agree completely with your other respondents as pacing yourself is usually the best route to take. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck with your strengthening exercise program and please let us know how you get on?

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Heya. I would be wary of strengthening exercises unless they are very gentle and very sensitive to your physical limits. It depends on the instructor a lot. Perhaps try them as they could help, but if they make you significantly worse don't feel bad about stopping them. Fibro is not lack of fitness as some people think!

    I'm 33 and I have to sleep in the day too. The way I see it is if it buys me more 'spoons' (ie. Energy - see 'spoon theory' by Christine Miserando) then great, no need to feel bad about it. it can be annoying sometimes though when your brain doesn't feel like going to bed but your body needs to!

    Pacing is helpful. Basically just doing everything in small chunks with rests or breaks in between. What ive realised is that you need to stop an activity BEFORE you start to feel ill or tired, frustrating though it is! It took me along time to realise that!

    I find relaxation really helps gain energy. Any thing that is relaxing will do, and you need to find something you enjoy and can do for 20-30 daily. I listen to relaxation music and I want to start doing gentle yoga. Some other suggestions are deep breathing exercises, tai chi, self healing with reiki or guided visualisation. Some people can do mindfulness meditation but I find it boring and stressful!

    Anyway I'll stop rambling now. All the best. Xxx

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