Would you employ me cos I wouldn't?

I personally would love to be at work and if the government can find me a job where I get paid a living wage even when I am off ill so much I would snap their hands off. However what has happend to me in the past is that I have worked then been on sick pay and had to use every penny left to me by my parents just to pay the bills. i have no savings left and so cannot survive on teh pay no pay thing. Personally I think when there are so many fit able people looking for work this is just stupidity on the part of the government. I worked for a bank and sent out letters without headed paper, huge fines for any bank that does that so one job gone. police forece I could no longer walk so ahd to leave. have had two breakdowns and various shop jobs where I have literally collapsed on the shop floor. If I was an employer I would not employ me based entirely on the fact I am a liability due to brain fog and health and safety nightmare. I am worse in health now that I ever was when sorking for someone else so Mr Cam Moron if you think I am employable give me a blooming job yourself. If you trust me to even make the tea your in for a blooming shock.

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  • What a great job - making tea for the PM. How about making tea for cabinet meetings, and dosing it with a truth drug - wouldn't that be interesting! Or maybe just sleeping pills in the tea, so the politicians all fall asleep for long enough for reality to re-assert itself, and some real people to start running the country!!!

  • Oh thats is Kaz, I am applying today for the post of tea maker xx

  • Remember that film (Love actually) where the PM married the tea-lady? You might get lucky, Devonlady!

    The attitude of the present administration does seem to be that if you can walk ten steps and sign your name, then you are fit for work! Of course, we would all like to have something remunerative to keep us occupied, but to withdraw essential financial help and to offer no support in finding a suitable alternative source of income is harsh in the extreme!

    Ah well - come the revolution ....!

  • Oh my goodness thats it i can't apply for that job now. Your giving me nightmares. I have to say i hve never been a radical sort of person but I would march well hobble for a bit in reality to downing street to poop on his doorstep. I know I would get arrested but then I would have a roof over my head and food in the belly and no bills to pay. Perhaps this is what they mean for us to do x

  • I am SO with you on this one Devonlady. the government just dont get it do they? If we all went out and got jobs, the ones that arent even there, we'd be off sick every other day. No employer would put up with that and we'd be out on our ear applying for benefits again, that take SO long to process. meanwhile we are starving and cant pay bills. its a domino effect really. an employer isnt going to get anywhere with sick staff, therefore no production. no production, no profit, end of employer. not to mention us going round in circles of work, sick, benefits work...etc. The system was working perfectly well except for the handful of fraudsters. it would have been SO much cheaper to go after them than to punish us. I cant even begin to guess how much this "benefits reform" farse has cost already. In money and lives.

  • I find it strange that they cannot work a way where we could have a job but our benefits were on hold so that when we couldn't work they kicked in immediately. I think then more of us could have a job of some sort maybe a seasonal one I know in the summer my pains are less so maye I could do something then but it is the stress of knowing your going to get fired and be penniless that stops me from working anymore. I went through 26k inheritance just living from job to job for ten years until the money ran out. My last job was mornings only and standing the whole time so cried all the way home on bus as not safe for me to drive with virtigo and then slept until I got up for work in the morning. No live for me at all but felt like I was at least working. In the time I had that job I was disaplined for fainting twice on the shop floor, once for time off sick and then sacked for going blind and collapsing on the shop floor and refusing to get back behind the till that morning but going home instead. No more for me I can not and will not be treated like it. I think it is a sad thing that the papers are not interested in highlighting the statistics for how many people have committed suside in this ogvernments time in office. They are complicit in the allowing of the persecution of the sick.

  • Well said Devonlady (east or west?). I not only have fibro but an essential tremor. I managed to go out yesterday for the first time in a week and really I would have been a liability in any job. The first shop I went in I could barely reach my paper on the lowest rack and when it came to paying! I had to ask the assistant (who I regularly see) to get some of the right change out of my purse and then the saving card as I was shaking so much. What job would I be good at. The last job I had was in a petrol station I was going to college then uni top escape that job but could hardly manage the 2 and a half hours twice a week I needed for that. I hope to try again this autumn and see how I get on now. I would like to complete my second year and leave with a diploma rather than just a certificate which I could get at the moment.

  • I feel for you honestly I do. I have retrained three times to try and get a job I can do trained as florist which was great until i got Raynaulds and had to leave. trained as holistic therapist but no goo if you collapse. I hope you get your certificate Angel. Good luck to you xx

  • Something tells me that if I ever manage to get as far as a job interview, hobbling in on a pair of crutches isn't going to give a great first impression! There are so many able bodied people out there needing jobs, why on earth would an employer choose me...? But if ESA decide to declare me fit for work I may be forced to start looking. Of course then the worry would be that they might try to take my car and then I'd be lucky to make it as far as my nearest bus stop, let alone all the way to an interview! Its all so wrong :(

  • I've always struggled to understand the disconnect between Government saying "disabled people should work" and employers who need reliable employees!

    For anyone in work, or looking for work, this info may help:


    It is important to recognise that there are legal rights on your side, plus organisations to help with both advice and practical things. If you have a good job, that should help you keep it :)

  • i just don't understand the government, they put us on work related benefit with the intention of getting up back into suitable work and yet the allow and factory in Birmingham who mainly employs disabled people to close down; now where's the sense in that. Its a factory that makes i think double glazing window frames. now tell me where are those disabled people going to get a job now.

    The best thing that people with Fibro can do, is try and start your own home business, but then would the bank invest in someone who is not that reliable where health is concerned? i don't know!!

  • I did just that started my own business but not made much of a profit in the last three years

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