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So glad when the year is over

I will be so pleased to see the end of 2012 my year started with my car windows being smashed on new years eve/day as well as a friends car. It continued on when i became suicidal when receiving forms to say i was being prosecuted for benefit fraud after incorrectly filling in a form when trying to attend university and support two of my children. I didn't deliberately fill the forms in incorrectly it was an oversight on my part but i was prosecuted regardless I have never broken the law in my 50 years but this year saw me as a criminal for the next 3 years and having a debt to pay back leaving me with nothing to pay my bills etc. My fybro is the worst it has been in over 20 years my moods go up and down like a yoyo one minute i feel fine the next i am suicidal. I had to move from a house recently into a ground floor flat which now means my landlady lives above with a 2 year old son who is up and jumping on what is my bedroom ceiling there lounge at all hours morning and night my sleep is up the creek at the best of times and now i have to wear earplugs in order to get the sleep in the early hours because the ceiling is shaking. I have a 10 year old schitzu dog who is a nervous wreck because she cannot work out what the noises are so either climbs over me shaking or leaves the room to cower somewhere where she cannot hear the noises after she has peed on the kitchen floor from sheer fright and this is all before the fireworks which will be going off on new years eve always a bad night for her. I am hoping 2013 brings me better everything i live in hope and may everyone else have a lovely new year and not suffer too much throughout 2013. Happy new year to you all.


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Sounds as though you are not in a very good place right now and I truly hope that there is an improvment for you for this next year and all the years after. Happy New Year xxxxx


sending you and your little dog a quiet hug (x)



have you the choice to swap your bedroom and your lounge if on 2 levels?


aw bad time for you I have just lost my little shihtzu dog Bobby he was my best friend he hated fireworks bless him and now I lost my Mum on 27th Dec so years not been good for me either but next year will soon be here think positive michaelb and perhaps the New year will be good to you fingers crossed for us all suffering with this horrible illness hugs to you and your little dog treasure him I miss my little one so badly thinking of you xxx can you not get a move get social services in and record the noise and they might help you move xx


Hi all

Reading your post Jackie and Irislady76 I really do feel for you. Is it not possible to have a word with your landlady about this and explain about your health and what it is doing to your dog.

I know exactly what you mean about the fireworks as we are having them set off almost every night since before November and our three are not happy with them at all, one barks at them and the other two just stick to our legs and shakes. we also (living in Southampton) have a lot of cruise liners in and they quite ofter have firework parties for when they sail so we get that noise also just to make things worse.

Anyway let me wish you all a better and more comfortable year to come.

Kindest regards


Sending you love and compassion. You have had a terrible time. Regarding the benefit issue. You are not a criminal. As we all know, many sick and disabled people are being denied the benfits to which they are entitled and many others are being wrongly prosecuted. The criminals are the government and the likes of Atos who are committing fraud when they misrepresent information given by claimants at interviews. I truly hope 2013 is a much better year for you. I have had a lot of help from my local Citizens Advice Bureau and if you've not already done so it might be worth contacting them about your problems.



Thanks for all the comments and support I am going to have a word with the landlady as today has just been too much. I can't deal with all the noise that is coming from up there if i speak with her she will be aware of the situation although I did explain it before moving in and at first she seemed to be quite quiet it is only as the time has gone on that things have got louder and the son just seems to get his way with most things and having raised 4 children I know that they need to learn early on. I made allowances last week with christmas as the excitement was probably getting too him. My dog is having such bad panic attacks now though and it is getting to me so much that its unbearable.

Irishlady76 sorry to hear of the loss of your mum that must be very difficult at this time of year (although obviously no time of year is good).

Hugs to all be gentle with yourselves and have a very happy new year.




Dear Jackie,

You sound like you have been experiencing one stressful situation after another. I think most would agree that many of us have felt low at certain points as we struggle to be strong and fight all the time. Everyone here can listen and be supportive to each other because of empathy & understanding.

I would consider mentioning to your GP about the recent events and the experience of low mood. He/she can advise you on medication or other support networks that may help.

I wonder if there is a support group near you. What area roughly are you near ?

FibroAction website has a Support Group Directory you can look at if you think this may help.Link below if you need it. Many members at our support group have verbalised that they feel benefit from talking to others face to face who understand too.

The Samaritans are also available to talk about many stressful situations if you need them


08457 90 90 90

I hope this helps

Best Wishes



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