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rubbish new year so far

Posted by pottypam

0 minutes ago

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Well folks , I don't write on here much as hands make it too hrd . but well have had a horrible couple of weeks and need to share . On weds 2nd of January my eldest daughter (38) and 31 weeks pregnant was rushed to hospital . She had been fine until she got out of bed . She fel ill and dizzy and could not see and was being sick. My eldest grandson (16) rang an ambulance for her he was frightened .

It was found that she had a brain bleed they treated and booked her for a brain op for the Friday and had to deliver my new granddaughter by emergency C section . and is doing brilliantly . My daughter was then given a scan and found that she had a massive brain aneurism in the center of her brain that was inoperable . We were warned she would not survive , a surgeon said he would do a new procedure but at very high risk. She had in fact a low chance or no chance . He did this on the Friday after noon took 8 hours . and it was a success she survived . She has now the symptoms of a stroke and for the next 3 weeks is in intensive care in case of new bleed . But she is alive , talking and has even regained her sight which was lost for a week , it is a miracle . She has Beautiful daughter who is thriving . She will never be right and will take a log time getting back to happy health , but she is here , her children have their mum and I still have my eldest daughter and my younger children have their big sister .

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Hello Pottypam, it's lovely to see you in the forum, you are most welcome here.

However, I am so terribly sorry to hear about your daughter. You must have been worried sick, so much to think about with your precious daughter and her lovely baby too. I am so pleased baby arrived safely and that she is well.

Your daughter pulled through the operation so that's a wonderful sign, she has done so well making it this far with all the poor girl has had to contend with recently. It indeed seems like a miracle, I am sure she has someone looking down on her wishing her well.

I can imagine how worried you are still, it will be a long road ahead as you say, but take one step at a time, one improvement at a time and hopefully your daughter will continue to take small steps ahead slowly getting better.

My heart goes out to you and your family at this time, please know that we will all think of your daughter and wish her well. Your love shines through your message for her and for the rest of your family, it's very special.

Sending you love and prayers and gentle hugs for all of you and baby too.

(((hugs))) xxx


(Feel free to pop in any time, there is usually always someone around and it will always be a pleasure to see you here. Please let us know how you daughter gets on, we will be thinking of her)


Hi PP, oh! my just remembered your handle is pottypam, and realised I called you PP for short. I just jumped on to the site and saw your wee blog and realised that one moment you had everything and the next you nearly lost it all, and now you have it all back a wee bit jumbled up but all there. Just as we feel life is falling apart it really is just coming together and your experience has made me realise how good life can be even when it feels bad.

prayers to you all and congrats on new life for everyone.



Pam, I welcome your granddaughter to the world. Life can be such a challenge. I am glad your daughter is here, and has a chance to recover. Please try to look after yourself, as you are coping with so much. I send much love and good thoughts to all of you. Cathy


Best wishes to you all may your daughter make a gentle good recovery and the little one continue to flourish. You have certainly been through the mill. Best wishes xgins


pam , im so glad your daugther has pulled through this terrible time ,, and got a grandaughter , glad shes thriving , .

just try and take care of yourself and sending best wishes to you and your family . my thoughts are with you , x

tinks x


Sending you and your daughter my thoughts and prayers ,So glad to hear your grand daughter is doing well, I really empathize with you I know what it feels like to be told your eldest daughter might not make it ,We were lucky and 20 years later she is still here but that was a really bad car crash ,and she was resuscitated twice on the operating table. I will be thinking of you take care of you . xx


My goodness what a shock for you all. Our thoughts are with you and your family. Keep your chin up...your daughter has proved she is strong and Im sure that lovely baby of hers will get her on the road to recovery. Until then....cuddles and prayers xxx


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