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So much for the New Year!


So much for the positive attitude and intentions at the end of last week. All out the window. In a major flair. So much so, convinced I am dying. Feeling so, so ill. Horrendous head, neck and shoulder pain off the scale, spent most of last night sobbing in pain. So hardly any sleep. Nausea, soreness in chest, stomach and abdomen, going thro to back, plus irritable bowel or maybe adhesions/endometriois or both. My back has gone, can hardly stand, with weakness and pain in lower back and buttocks. Add palpitations, breathlessness and whooshing to heartbeat in head, high blood pressure, and I am back again to all the doubts. Convinced this is more than fibro. Wondering now if it could be my heart. I know i sound like a total hypochondriac. (Heart attacks do run on my father's side). Can't see my doc for 3 weeks, although I don't hold out any hopes when i do. I am so desperate for answers, and can't find any., I feel pathetic. Does anyone else by chance have these symptoms with underactive thyroid? Just a thought. Have yet another blood test for this next Tuesday. Been reading a report where sometimes T3 is not converted. Never been mentioned so I don't know. Never had medication for that, only levothyroxine for T4 for over 30 years and for last two years blood have been totally out of sinc. This and other problems could be due to stress, I know my anxiety is through the roof, but surely not all. Any insight would be gratefully received. Hope your New Year is starting better than mine! x

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Get yourself into see your GP emergency appointment can be made especially if having a impact on you mentally. You cant go 3 weeks like that. Think those of us with fibro try to soldier on even though we should get checked up just to be on the safe side.

You are not hypochondriac and make notes to take with you so you can tell your GP everything thats goin on.


Sorry to hear about your pain, pls ring 111 if you are in pain. They are very helpful and in my case they make an emergency appointment to see a GP in the walking centre hospital. Wish you well dear 🌹🌸🌺

I was unwell with what I thought was a virus 4 weeks before I got an emergency appointment last week. I left it so long because I thought it was fibro as well, more aches and pains. On re-visiting my GP yesterday because I wasn't really improving, I've got pleurisy. So don't think it's all connected to Fibro. I was stupid, you should phone 111 straight away and get checked out. I've been told if I get worse to go straight to A&E but I hope it won't come to that. xx

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Oh yes The GP sent me for chest X-ray, gave me an inhaler, carry on with antibiotics. I'm hoping the antibiotics start working. x

Mydexter in reply to bobbybobb

Hi, sorry to hear that it's turned into pleurisy , that's nasty, I remember my Dad having that many years ago and he was really ill, hope it clears up soon, keep warm and lots of TLC

Hi ShelWhitt , Three weeks!! That's ridiculous , could you maybe get an emergency appointment, it sounds more than fybro to me, either ring 111 or get to A&E , take care, hope you feel better soon

As others have said, please seek help from the emergency GP. I hope you have already and that it helps.

On the mental side, try (if you can) to forget about New Year’s Resolutions etc. The pressure of them can make the stress worse and the disease worse.

In reality, 1st January is just another day like any other!! You can make positive changes at any point in the year.

So, don’t pile more pressure on yourself when there is no need. Just focus on getting to a better place - and once you are there, you can think about positive steps for the future.

Good luck xx

Thanks to you all for responding. Will attempt to get emergency appnt. Monday morning. Don't hold much hope out, however, for a positive outcome, as have been here before. Doc says fibro. Full stop. Think it is because no medications have helped and she is at a loss. To be fair I have had several blood tests and I had a couple of abdominal scans. Not revealing much only fatty liver and cyst on kidney. At the moment I am once again thinking it could be my thyroid, but she obviously doesn't hold the same view. Been on levothyroxine for 40 years. Never been really A1, but was functioning fine up until 2 years ago. Since then had continuous trouble. Been down this route before. Asked my earlier doc, approx 10 years ago, if my problems could have been down to thyroid, but after elimination tests, plus a year on steroids for polymyalgia, - another long story - was eventually told it is fibro. He is now retired and present doc takes the same view. Never seen an endocrinologist so asked a couple of months ago if I could get an appt. Doc says not necessary. That is why I asked if anyone else on here has had thyroid trouble which has contributed to their fibro. Sorry to be taking up so much space on here, but I really do value the feed back. Thanks again. x


I’m glad to hear you are seeking medical advice and problems with Thyroid can affect heart rate. I think though that if you have questions about your Thyroid treatments that it would be best to post on the Thyroid UK community here on HealthUnlocked.

I sincerely hope you feel better soon x

Emma :)

Hi ShelWhitt

My symptoms before I went on Thyroxine were mainly fatigue especially early afternoon and I could hear my heartbeat loudly in my ears and was irregular and jumping around making me very nervous. I also got a strange tight feeling across my throat. I was put on Thyroxine and very quickly this was upped to 150 mcgs per day. Within a week my heartbeat felt regular and I lost the tight feeling although my heart rate is still high. My dose has always remained the same for some 25 years.

I'm sorry I can't help you with your symptoms as I don't have fibro but if your bloods are out of sync you must go and see your doctor about this as you are having a very bad time. I don't think anxiety would affect your thyroid levels as I suffer a lot with bad anxiety at times but this has never affected mine. I do know that extreme stress can make a huge impact on you but the fact your bloods are coming back out of sync does not sound right and your doctor should be addressing this.

I would call and say you need to see your doctor urgently as 3 weeks is too long to be going through this without their support.

Hoping you feel better soon

Thanks christina1952. I have been on levothyroxine for approx. 40 years and until a few years ago my dosage hardly altered and if I recall rightly it was 150mcgs. day. For the last 2 yearsmy dosage has varied up and down between 50 and 125 mcgs a day. sometimes varying on alternate days. I am having my blood checked every six weeks, so something is not right. Also having problems with hospital, where for some reason the samples have to be sent from my GP's surgery. There has been a mix up there and the hospital contacted me say saying because I had not been having samples taken, they were removing me from their lists. Sent me a nasty letter. When I rang them to complain, and they checked their records again, they had got the results. But they said everything was fine, when in actual fact my GP has changed the dosages slightly after last two tests. I expect it will all get sorted eventually but it is something else I could do without.Best wishes. x

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