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Will be glad when 2018 is over !

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Is it just me or has 2018 been utterly rubbish !

Beginning of the year my disabled daughter broke her hip and was in hospital 3 weeks, mobility that wasn’t great to start with, is now terrible and I struggle having her to stay.

My mum was then diagnosed with dementia and kidney cancer. I lost her on the 1st September.

My other daughter started on the ivf trail in January, and the hospital basically forgot about them despite her chasing. Only just got back on the track. After months of stress. Hubby having a terrible time at work and it’s affecting our home life and I am knackered !

Reading peoples posts , they don’t seem to be fairing much better.

Roll on 2019 !

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Yes I agree with u

My worst year was 2017 but know the feeling, for me this year hasn't been as bad as year but like you hoping 2019 will be a much better year! :)

Sooo very sorry sweetie. Deepest sympathy about your mum.

Sending lots of loving hugs 🤗 and best wishes for better times.


My heart goes out to you.

I draw a veil over the last 13 years; they have been so unremittingly awful. I am hopefully (!) moving to Wales next year, and I can't wait! Adapted bungalow, near amenities, but in a quiet cul de sac. Just waiting on searches and survey results, then contracts. A few things to have done to the place, but nothing drastic. The area is great; lots of opportunities for volunteering and cultural groups.

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