What an awful year

Well guys and gals I want to wish you all a very Happy and Heathy New Year I have had the worst year I can remember my old Mum of 90 has been ill all year my daughter has been diagnosed with epilepsy my sons marraige broke up My husband has become to ill to work I lost my best friend my little shihtzu Bobby last month and then on the 27th December my dear old Mum passed away.

My fibro is very bad at present but I am sure its all the stress but its New Year soon and I have to be possitive and pray to God that it will be a good one.

I am welcoming in the New Year with hope love and soft hugs to you all xxxxx

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  • I am so sorry for the loss of your mum and your pet. You really have had such an awful year so I for one am praying that things improve for you and your family as the days pass by. Love and hugs hun xxxxx

  • thankyou Ozzygirl I am looking forward to a New Year a New start I am not going to grieve Mum to much she wouldnt want that so its onwards and upwards for the coming year everything will be fine with time i am sure your best wishes are much

    appreciated xxxxx

  • I love your positive attitude, only people who are ill have such positivity, but then again we have to xxxxx

  • your so right there ozzy i am usually a very upbeat person the fibro drags us all down from time to time doesnt it and lifes challenges must be sent to make us stronger hope you have a great NewYear xxxx

  • Well I spend all my time putting on a 'brave face' but once I am alone I ponder on the things I wish I could still do, and that gets me down a little. I have just added the British lung foundation to my list of communities in the hope of drumming up some support to help me stop smoking so I know my days are going to be a little bit low for a while. But if I want to live I have to stop. But I am going to give it a real good go this time. Longest time without nicotine is ten weeks. So far I have managed 3 hours lol., or there abouts xxxxx

  • Just read how hard you are finding it to stop smoking, here is how I did it, I smoked for 38 years tried so many times to stop, however this time worked been off it for 8 years, here goes;

    6 weeks of psychological brainwashing

    I spent my time looking at how other would smoke near children and watch them pass children with cigs in their hands nearly burning a child. I would smell my clothes and watch people stand outside clubs and dinners looking like total addicts because that is what they are, that is what we are social outcasts. The most important thing I did was never to empty the ashtray, a few daysof that and the stink shewwwww.

    I picked a day to stop, and that day I got someone in to clean carpets, suite, curtains and wash down the paintwork. Once all that was done I made sure there was no lighters, cigs or ashtrays around and drank plenty of water. Everytime I had the urge I drank freezing cold water and reminded myself of how clean my mouth felt and how I was washing out all the toxins in my body. I visualized my lungs going from brown unhealthy looking bellows to lovely clean fresh lungs.

    It worked when nothing else did, and I refused to use anything else like tablets, chewing gum patches etc, cold turkey got rid of one addiction without adding another.

    I wish you well and remember the craving only last seconds and that there is no way that a wee long white tube will rule your life ever again

  • Thankyou so much I have saved your reply to my office suite so I can go back to it whenever I need to. I had a fag at 5am this morning after I was freaked out by yet another horrific nightmare but I have not touched one since then, 13 hours and 45 minutes now, not much I know but a start xxxxxx

  • Bless You, your positivity is inspiring, lots of gentle hugs, Here's hoping for a peaceful and kinder New Year.

  • you to Susan things can only get better sounds like a song i know xxxx Happy New Year to you and yours xxx

  • I agree that things have to turn around for you. You have had a dreadful year, but you will come through a stronger person. I love the positivety and I wish you and yours A Very Happy and heathy New Year

  • every breath you take is clean air going in, bad coming out and remember clear cool water,a running brook is a clean brook. Remember to look up and visualize all that lovely clear sky and people smiling all around you as you get closer to freedom without a cig. Mostly remember its ok to fall back a step or 2 as long as you see yourself moving forward. Go for it.


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