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I think my little body is totally run down ihave not really been sleeping for a month although i have been getting 2/3 hours a night the last week i think my body has had enough as i am racked with pain in my arms and legs and hips and today i have woken up absolutely full of cold which is unusual for me i havent had a cold for a very long time so i hop eit does not last long i am going to my gp nexyt wed so will have a good chat

i am seeeing my daughter today and grandsons but not for long as dont want to pass this cold on i will dose myself up with all the uual stuff love to you all diddle xxx

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Oh diddle how many times must I say it,see the doc aand get a couple of weeks worth of sleeping pills hun.

You are so cheery babe but you can admit defeat now and again and ask fr help.You really do need some sleep now.And your pain will feel worse if you don`t,

I`ve been up all night and I`m bouncing off the walls.I never get much sleep but what I do get is preciouse.

Please go and see them hun.You will feel a bit better with some sleep under your belt.

Love and hugs Jayne xxxxx


hi thanks yes i am seeing mty gp on the 9 th of may i am taking a list with me so dont worry i will see about slleeping tablets but thankyou so much for your concern love to you diddle xxxx



I`m making banana bread later when I`ve had a kip that is.

Lve and hugs the Nag xxxxx lol


yummy save a bit for me i heard it is really good for a cold in fact i haerd all cake is good for a cold (the thing is i cant remeber where i heard it !!!) or did I lol love diddle x


the 1st sign of a cold I start on echinacea, it really helps. x


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