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An awful day

Hi everyone I've had a terrible weekend my springer dog has been very I'll and I had to do the right thing (for her) so had vet out to house, had here put to sleep in her own surrounding's with us with her.

So feeling so upset my body don't know whether its coming or going not had a lot of sleep the last few days sleeping downstairs with her as she couldn't get upstairs at least like mum said she's had a great 10 yrs with us x

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Sorry to hear your having such a bad day and my condolences for the loss of your dog I don't have any pets of my own but I do know that they become another member of your family, again my condolences to you and your family. Sithy


Oh Tweety, I am so sorry for you for the loss of your dear dog, but also I am so proud of you that you did the right thing for her, you let her go with dignity, and without the trauma of taking her to the vets, having them come to you instead. I too have lost a beloved dog who I'd had for fifteen years, it's now five years ago, but not one day goes by without me thinking of her. Time will ease your sorrow, as it has mine, I hope, remember the good times you had. Now she is out of pain and running free once more. Take heart dear Tweety, and care for yourself, I am sending all positive thoughts your way !

Foggy x


Thank you both it is very hard that's 3 dogs gone in just under a yr and all on the 2nd of a month 2 were 15 and Tetley was coming 11 next month

Just got the 1 little rascal now he's only 13 months old but he understood that tetley was bad and this morning he laid beside here and gave her a kiss there's no such thing about a dumb animal he's the only thing keeping me going today me and my little shadow XXX


Hi Tweety such sad news about your dog, I know how very hard it is to loose one.

Hope the little rascal keeps you amused xgins


I am so sorry for the loss of your dog :-( So glad you have a little one to keep you company through the hard days.

I have three dogs (cavalier Spaniels all getting on now one is 11 yrs and 6 months and the other two are 9 and just turning 9. So glad that you could have the vet call to you, that is what I've always said I will do if I ever need to

I hope your little guy is a comfort to you these next few weeks. The very sad thing about having pets is we have to lose them but I wouldn't be without my beloved dogs even though I dread the day they will no longer be here.

Thinking of you xx


It's so sad Tweety.

Even when we do the right thing it's

So devastating.

You need to grieve to get over it.

Time is a great healer. But for now let your

Emotions and sorrow come out.

God bless

Bibi xx



So sorry to hear about your dog, it's so painful to lose them, they give us so much love and joy and ask so little in return. I lost 3 cats in 4 years so I know how you feel. In time you will remember all the good times you shared. Take care.


Heaven is an immense space filled with the souls of animals, with just a tiny corner set aside for the humans who were as good, kind, tender and loving as their pets.

Tweety, you sound like just that sort of a person.


Tweety, I feel for you. I lost my Roxie, a spaniel, last August having slept downstairs with her. I knew she was dying as she had cancer, but it was so cruel as she was only 2 years old. I was devastated to lose her, my own little angel that saw me through discovering I had FM and made me get outside into the World though I was depressed. The pain was so great. Like nothing I had ever experienced. But she left a hole in my life too. I filled the hole with a puppy, another spaniel but this time a Cavalier. She will never replace Roxie, but she has eased the pain. I had to get another dog, as I am sure you will agree, they hold a special place in our hearts. Hang onto your good memories, the pain will ease and your body will calm down too. It must be so hard losing more than one dog. I am so sorry.


Tweety, so sorry for your loss. I remember when I was at college My Mum had to make the decision to have out great Dane put to sleep (thankfully at home).

Over the years since we've had lots of dogs and lost them too but would rather go through thr pain of loss than to have never had them in the girst place.

The pain will ease over time. Pleased to hear you have your 13 month old puppy with you. They're definitely not dumb animals they're very attuned to how we're feeling.

Remember to take care of yourself too. Becky xx


Pets have such short but joyous lives, and we have to suffer their loss in order to enjoy the pleasure of their company.

I'm sure your little pet had a wonderful life with you - and for that you can be so very glad.

I hope you'll soon stop feeling sad, and just remember the good times - and look forward to more good times with your new little one!

Moffy x


I'm so sorry, Tweety, losing a pet is really heartbreaking. I'm sure she brought you so much joy when she was alive and well, and in time that's what you will remember.

Thinking of you.

Mim x


It's such a hard decision to make.....but don't they look peaceful. So sorry for your loss. Give yourself time. The heartache will ease. Picture her playing with your other dogs. Happy together but waiting for you. There is a poem called 'over the bridge,' I think. It will make you cry, but also give you comfort.


Hi there,

i know what your going through, we had to do the same thing with our dog 2 weeks ago, was a shock as he was a fit and healthy dog and still young! but we couldnt see him suffer. and yes the over the bridge poem was passed on to me via another member on here, it was sad but so true, as they say time is a great healer.

thoughts are with you

gently hugs x


So sad to hear about your beloved dog. I lost my cavalier a couple of years ago and I was devastated. It took me quite a while to get over it; it;s like losing a limb. I still feel aprehensive about replacing her. So pleased that you have another pet to cherish. Sending a hug x


Thank you all for your very kind words, it was so hard when I got up this morning without her around but like you say time will heal I'm just trying to think of the fun times I had with her.

My little puppy is so lost he was looking for her he is keeping me going such a little character he will be such a help these next few weeks

Thank you all xx


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