We have to start taking action

I know that when the doctors said, you have to do it, change your diet, nutrition, try to do excersise, they don't understand what they are asking to do, it easy for them to say but if they were on our situation they would be like us, I am 36 years old, I've been suffering with all these pain for more than 10 years, I was a formal body builder, now I could barely lift, but I know the excersise is the only thing that keeps me moving, we have to try even if feels like a nightmare, I know how it feel, even standing in the same place moving your arm and legs until the body loosen up that painfully stiffness, only takes a few minutes per day until you could do more everyday, the pain is not going to disappear but at least you can do more things like a normal person, if you need help ask me I will help you guys too, any kind of excersise will improve your body movement. God bless everyone. Don't quit

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  • Hi welcome to our friendly forum, like you I firmly believe any exercise even gently walking does help with fybro, I feel much better if I go out even for a short walk, start slowly and build up 😃

  • Thanks, sorry if I send requesting private message, I was trying to learn how to reply

  • Dont worry about it ive been here years and still managed to send a PM by accident last week.  :P

  • Just had a real bad day,have pain and stiffness all over and feel worn out and depressed.Some days I just have to give in and rest instead of just struggling on.My partner not very understanding and thinks I am always moaning.i do exercise when I can but perhaps not often enough.

  • I completely understand my partner is the same, no body will understand unless you suffer thru the storm, did you notice when usually hit you really bad, take time write it down for some reason everyday at certain time feel worse, so what I do is one hour before hit me draining of my hole energy, weakness, fever, feelling like I just want to stay in the bed for days, I tried to to do the work out, It hit me in the afternoon everyday felling awfull , all I heard is the people ohh you have to go out, to walk ,to ..... They don't understand. So try not when you feel like try way before, 

  • I too used to have extremely active but now exercise has to be limited but I find if I do my stretching first thing in the morning and some back exercises it does help me to be more supple.  As Mydexter says even a gentle walk can help.  Even a tiny amount of exercise is better than nothing. X

  • Hi  Axelvazquez

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance.

    I have pasted an excerpt below for the FMA UK website about managing Fibro, as the recognised treatment suggest that you should always pace yourself and never overdo things as this can make you feel worse. I would ask member to take this into consideration prior to undertaking exercise and always consult your GP / physio first.

    I personally undertake a 20 minute exercise regime twice daily but I have done this for 3 years. If you need an exercise plan please ask your GP for a referral to physiotherapy.

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken (TheAuthor)

    Volunteer Admin For FMA UK.

    Managing Fibromyalgia 

    The best way to cope with fibromyalgia is to use a number of techniques that ease the symptoms as much as possible.

    Relaxation is one technique that works really well for almost everybody with fibromyalgia. It reduces tension in the mind and body right away. The results are calming for all the symptoms, especially for the pain. Relaxation can be learned from books, tapes, videos or special courses.

    Heat is important. A hot water bottle and hot baths or showers will help reduce pain and banish morning stiffness. Soaking hands and feet in hot water for a few minutes can ease their aching. Exercise is the most common prescription for fibromyalgia and Dr Pellegrino’s section on this has invaluable advice about the form this should take.

    Although no particular diet has been shown to help fibromyalgia, a healthy, balanced diet is important to provide protein, vitamins and minerals. It is best to avoid or at least cut down on coffee, tea and alcohol. Some sufferers have a tendency to gain weight and this can be distressing in itself. If you follow a healthy diet this should in turn help with your weight control.

    People with fibromyalgia can have good days and bad days. On a good day it is important to pace yourself; overdoing it may simply make matters worse. Rest is also important. Listen to your body when it tells you to slow down.


  • Hi, we'll all I can say is I am doing something wrong, I try to pace my self, but every time I use it I lose it. Simple things like washing up, hands play up. I had a simple eye test done on Friday , and where I had to sit forward to have the puff test in my eyes within a few hours my arms neck and inbetween my shoulder blades were killing me, and still are. I have also developed Migraines now, and unbalance. Huh I am falling apart lol. Oh and by the way Welcome.

  • Hi Blue52, so sorry your suffering from migraines. Massage can help if the pain in your muscles is coming from having to sit in an awkward position ie the puff test. Massages are expensive but i bought a massager from lloyds pharmacy £10 half price but they do that a lot on their electrical equipment. Its gentle enough to ease the muscles before they trigger a migraine. 

    I do hope you find something that will help as extra pain on top of your current pain levels makesdaily living so hard.

    Take care of yourself


  • Thanks Pam will look into that.x

  • Hi Pam looked on Lloyds , but seem to be loads, and can't find one for £10, which one did you get? 

  • Hi blue, i have had mine for 8 years at least now. There nearest model i could see was the betterlife infrared delux at £24.98 it looks like an improved version of mine which had been originally £19.99, i snapped it up in  the shop when it was half price and it has served me well.

    Hope this helps.


  • I know what you mean my friend, after my last eye test I had a migraine for two days!

  • I find that walking is a no,no.  I can walk so far and no further before getting breathless and lightheaded. trying to build up on the distance just ddnt work.

    I can however put a cd on and dance to it while holding on to the sink, I can allso mark time holding the sink.

    What i cant do is sing at the same time and that is probably a blessing.   :P

  • I love it 👍   I think we should all join you at the sink, I'm up for it,     let's start a club 😃

  • We will all have a sink song together.   :D

  • 😃👍

  • Doctors aren't infallible. 

    Any suggestions that we take responsibility for our diet & exercise to improve one's wellbeing is common sense. Edited By Admin

    Whilst a lot of illness cannot be helped,some people make appealing lifestyle choices, then blame their Gp because they don't provide a magic bullet. 

    Edited By Admin


  • Mayrose54. What a great way to get around your restictions. Just imagine all fybro sufferers around the world dancing and singing holding onto their sinks.What an uplifting image!



  • Attempt no.2.

    Great idea, we could all get together and have a sink song.   :D

  • Hi, I am trying to loose weight, and it's not happening. I eat pretty healthy food. Unless having a bad day,then I eat any old crap. I have two dogs who are my therapy as I have to walk them. The question I'd like to ask is where am I going wrong? I also have Hypothyroidism  is it that What is slowing me down in loosing the weight 

    I've had a bad week this week as I caught a virus that's doing the rounds, so I feel I'm back to square one.  Any advice would be appreciated.  

  • Hi there, I'd just like to encourage you by saying my OH was diagnosed with border line diabetes about two years ago.   and told to lose weight, he was 18 stone he's very tall but still needed to lose weight,     by cutting down on food not really dieting but eating less using smaller plates  is a good tip,    and  eating low fat food  and exercising more walking the dog, playing golf etc.   he lost nearly 3 stone, and his bloods are now normal so it can be done , don't give up you can do it 😃

  • You are doing great, you are taking action, you are doing what I a lot of us need to do, taking the first step after, falling, when we fall we will stand up, it feels like square one but baby steps will move you forward

  • Hi netta62

    I am so genuinely osrry to read this and I have pasted you an excerpt and a link to the *NHS Choices cache on Hypothyroidism and weight gain:

    *An underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism) is where your thyroid gland doesn't produce enough hormones.

    Common signs of an underactive thyroid are tiredness, weight gain and feeling depressed.

    An underactive thyroid can often be successfully treated by taking daily hormone tablets to replace the hormones your thyroid isn't making.


    It may be beneficial to discuss the issue with your GP or medical specialist? I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck with losing some weight.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I lost two stone and have kept it off, exercise for me  is a no no, my exercise is what I can manage, my knees are graded 3 with osteoarthritis, have had knee surgery twice now waiting on new knees, my hands feet neck the whole body is riddled with arthritis, and I also have narrowing of spinal cord cervical stenosis with mylopathy, I was very active before all this kicked in, motorbikes car rallying, walked my dog everyday went shooting, fishing, was senior nursing officer in hospital, lived a very active life and that's what I get for being to active. I've had more car bumps motorbike, bumps than most people. So any more exercise and I think it would maybe put me in a box haha, but miss it so much especially walking my wee Springer spaniel. 

  • Yes exercise is very important, I also find that the more weight I put on makes it harder for me to function and my legs doesn't want to carry  me without  massive amounts of pain. I have also found in my trial and error that sugar intake  makes my pain worse.

  • I agree, sugar seems to negatively effect my level of function. I stick to exercises I've been given from pain management programme earlier this year.  

  • Thank you  for posting this Axelvazquez.  I completely agree with you, movement is so important.  I used to worry about having to use mobility aids, although now I need a walking stick, it doesn't matter.

    I do the exercises I was taught by the pain management programme, it is starting to have a more positive impact on me, I think it's important to remain patient with ourselves,  it's so easy to become disheartened if you don't see improvements really quickly. 

    I set the alarm to go off every hour or so during the day, even if I'm really tired to endure I get up and walk around. I do the 'constipated duck walk' to begin with til I start to loosen up after sitting haha 😂.  

    Take care, thanks again for your encouraging and positive post.


  • Talking about mobility aids when I go to Walmart I used the shopping cart to help me move, once my body warm up is kind like a work out and was mentally ralaxing watching the new swimming pools, barbecue supplies, meals to prepare, something to excersise the mind and little of physically moving with the shopping cart. But being positive is the main factor, good morning, smile, do whatever you can for anyone,thanks for life positive brings positive.

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